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Q: I’m working on a proposal for the possible development of an induction DVD for new starters to our Organisation.

The DVD should be approximately 30 minutes duration, and possibly cover the following areas:

Overview of the Industry (History) Company Structure Overview of the separate business areas – head office, online business, on-course, retail Policies & Procedures – Health & Safety, DDA

If possible there would then be a section that would be relevant to each of the business areas that could be accessed when necessary as group or individual.

I would appreciate if you could provide me with an approximate estimate/quote for the above so I have an idea of costs for the proposal.

Learning & Development Adviser
Racing Industry

A: Videos like this can work out very expensive as they’re long, in this case 30 minutes with the option for a section on each business area.

The final runtime could be 45 minutes, maybe more.

If you reckon on being able to shoot 5 minutes of runtime per shooting day, then this could be a 9 day shoot.

Even with some optimising it’s going to be at least a 5 day shoot.

And all this footage will take days and days of editing.

Which all adds up to a high cost, which for an Induction video might be seen as too expensive, and will kill off the project before it starts.

The other danger is that if you try to save money by sourcing all this shooting and editing cheaply, the end result may well look cheap, which wouldn’t reflect your position in your industry.

It might be a lot cheaper to make an interactive multimedia.

For example, a few short video clips, plus some talking multimedia pages, and some powerpoints launched to describe individual businesses within the group.

The whole induction package would run from a central main menu on any decent PC or laptop.
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