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Busy Trainers and Training & Development Managers spend a lot of their time standing up in a classroom full of people saying the same old thing.

The "same old thing" might be very important

- but for the Trainer it's often dull & predictable

- especially when there are lots of other matters to attend to.

So how about if the training session could be automated to generate hours of free time every week, week in week out?

Your workforce may prefer it too.

Training video works in two specific time-saving ways:

1 - Training sessions are always shorter when video is used.

For example, a 45 minute powerpoint induction usually takes 15-17 minutes when using an Induction Video. The result is the same.

2 - Training sessions don't need the Trainer - you - to be present.

The video tells the story - not you. This leaves you free to do other things

- while your workforce audience absorb a consistent, repeatable and memorable message.

6 more ways that video saves time

1 - No props are required for the training session,

2 - No special location is required, just a television & DVD, or a laptop for video playback from your hard disk, intranet or youtube.

3 - No specialist person is required to deliver the training

4 - Waffle is eliminated and instead, a precise low-fat training message is delivered

5 - Video doesn't depend on your audience's mood, or your mood, so things tend to happen more quickly.

What video won't do

The validation - this needs a Trainer or delegated person to raise a discussion, or ensure everyone completes the quiz properly.

Explain local variations - for example, one of your sites may have a different access procedure, or suchlike that makes it non-standard.

Training topics that benefit from video time-saving

This is just a short sample sample list. You can view training video samples here

You can probably add 3 or 4 training topics of your own to this list.

customer service and customer care training

  • contractor trg
  • safety trg
  • online tutorials - they dramatically reduce telephone support time
  • visitor induction
  • tool specific training, eg, new handling equipment
  • special situation training, eg handling dangerous goods

There are also any amount of consumer training applications from how to de-flea your pet, to how to wash a greenhouse window.


Video communicates more information, at a better quality, and in less time than the you can say or write.

Video information retention is high.

In many cases, Individuals learn better off video.

Video will make your training sessions shorter

- and less dependent on your physical presence.

It works forever - or until your training message changes.

So calculate the hours you're going to spend doing dull, repetitive training for the next 12 months.

The final question is: "What will you do with all this spare time you save now you're using video?"


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