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Many trainers and safety managers would like to use interactive DVD, but don’t yet have a clear idea of how best to use it.

Is this you?

Then read on.

The majority of training video is about teaching people to make the right choices.

Whether it’s a safe behaviour video, or a customer care video, or a video aimed at helping the public be aware of their options, you can write interactive elements into your training DVD that will greatly increase the likelihood of your training being correctly understood and remembered.

To see what we mean, here’s an example for an in-store customer care video:

Jane sees a customer looking furtive near the shirt racks.

Jane thinks: He’s trying to steal that shirt!

Jane approaches the customer.

Cut to interactive choice

Should Jane:

1 – Offer to help the customer carry their goods

2 – Call her manager

3 – Ask the customer to leave

Clicking the right answer will trigger a new video clip and complete the drama. It will show Jane offering to help the customer

Offering interactive choice in this way engages the trainee’s brain.

It makes them part of the situation, pulling them in, rather than leaving them out.

They automatically become more than simple bystanders witnessing a demo of a correct procedure.

The same principle could easily apply to Health & Safety video

Here’s an example of moving vehicle safety:

We see John entering the warehouse

He sees and hears fork lift trucks in the distance.

John also sees a supervisor in the distance, and thinks: Ah, that’s where he is!

John goes to cross the driveway to see the supervisor.

As he does, a fork lift truck comes his way

Cut to interactive choice

Should John:

1 – Wave to signal to the driver that he’s crossing

2 – Walk further up to the designated crossing

3 – Stay on the yellow walkway at all costs

Clicking on a response will trigger a video clip to show the correct response

By combining choice and video, you can see how the viewer is immediately drawn into the situation, and obliged to think proactively to solve the problem.

Compare this with simply showing the correct procedure, as in a standard training demo.

There’s no comparison.

To understand more about interactive DVD production – InteractiveDVDProduction.htm

Whether the training is delivered as a DVD for use in training rooms, or as streaming video delivered as desktop elearning, interactive DVD will let you reach hearts and minds far more effectively than just a voiceover video.

This works for groups using worksheets, new starters trained on-demand, or groups with a trained team leader to lead the interactive sections.

Interactivity can and should be used in almost every training dvd.

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