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In the fast moving, highly sequenced production site, time has become a precious commodity.

Contemporary businesses depend on meeting deadlines to keep a successful flow of goals and targets. 

A network of people depends on timely results to ensure these targets can be met.

Time is precious and can pose pressures on a business or an individual.

So as a trainer/inductor you realize the challenges of time.

A problem that faces you is the risk of repetition.

How many times have you found yourself in the same situation narrating the same routine?

Time can be wasted through too much repetition.

However, to keep in pace with the innovative world we live in – video technology can communicate faster and more effectively.

Video changes repetition into repeatability

Repeatable video allows for a message to be shown again and again without losing its purpose.

What would normally take an inductor 45 minutes to say in a classroom can be condensed into 15 minutes on video.

Traditional methods of training such as reading manuals have proven ineffective.

Through visual means staff can view working examples and therefore learn more productively.

Video is flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

It can be viewed anywhere which means staff can still maintain their work duties.

So, video not only works in the favour of training inductors but also the staff who are receiving the information.

This is important in order for the trainer to provide the best services they can.

Click to see some samples of effective induction videos

But what purpose can the privilege of spare time serve a trainer?

More time means less pressure. A trainer can plan clearly in advance and keep fresh.

Trainers no longer need to get tired of saying the same lines they have repeated to dozens of audiences.

Video frees up time for the trainer whilst it implants a memorable message, allowing time to be allocated structurally.

Abolishing the need to hire expensive tutors saves costs. The video is now the professional teacher.

A video remains consistent to all audiences allowing a clear picture to be portrayed. This creates a reliable and consistent workforce.


How To Plan A cContractor Induction Video


In essence, video technology breeds hours of free time for the trainer and inductor.

Video can perform at a more reliable and faster rate.

More information can be communicated at a high standard.

Video abandons repetition and adopts a repeatable message.

The video maintains a consistent and professional presentation in spite of the trainer’s wellbeing.

Replacing text heavy information with a visual output safeguards inductors so they will be able to serve and engage their audience at an optimum level.

Now ask yourself how much you want to proceed through old and tedious methods of paper-based content.

Why don’t you think of all the spare time you could save through using video? Better yet, what will you do with the spare time? 

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