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As a trainer or safety adviser your growing concern is to hand over an effective presentation to keep your audience stimulated.

However, in a world where people are bombarded with information on a regular basis you are faced with the difficulty of leaving a memorable message within your audience.

Animation conquers this through simple means of explanation, education and entertainment.

And all done without putting your audience to sleep!

At Studio Rossiter we utilize innovative 2D and 3D styles to create vivid animations that act as a powerful and effective tool. 


It’s Powerful and Effective because:

  • It can reach a wide range of audience members. Whether you are 7 or 70!
  • Create fresh ideas that have not been seen before. Fascinate your audience to keep motivation and attention.
  • Cost effective – No need for live action cameras, location changes and the cost of actors. Audiences are often impatient so it’s best to keep it simple! You will be happy as this makes the process a lot easier.
  • Multilingual integration.
  • Boost your popularity. Good animation videos can be viewed by many people allowing more potential customers.

Do you want to feel satisfied that the people you are training can carry out their tasks in a competent and safe manner?

To achieve this it is necessary to move away from traditional methods such as power point.

How do you look after staff and ensure the best possible safety?

Nobody recognises health and safety as a riveting aspect of the work place.

In spite of this, isn’t it better to be engaged rather than talked at?

As somebody who is involved with health and safety you know it is vital to distribute the right information that an audience can absorb.

Animation provides viewers with the unexpected and captures their attention.

While many companies now use video they are often faced with some occurring problems.

 Planning before the shoot to ensure the correct PPE is in use.

An intensive clean up of the location – Nothing in shot can negate the purpose of your safety/training video.

Animation solves these ‘headaches’ by establishing a less time consuming and easier method.

This allows focus to be drawn to the content and consequently bolsters your training package. 

5 Routes to Safety Video Production


Why is Animation an easier tool for training and safety purposes?

Some companies need to produce a video that is relevant around the globe.

The benefit of using animation makes this desire rather straightforward. You can produce a video once and change the language of voiceovers to suit the location.

This means there is no need for native actors to re-shoot each scene.

Additionally, some companies want a video produced as early as possible. This is difficult for live footage.

Animation is derived from illustrations meaning you can plan ahead and create a video before the workforce has even been set up.


Animation presents a clear message.

Animation pushes the boundaries of creativity and keeps the audience’s eye on the screen.

Applies to a wider audience. It can combine multiple languages and captivate all ages. Everyone loves cartoons!

Costs are saved on location, actors and live footage cameras.

Read more – see our animated saftey video page for examples


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