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Q: Is it possible to record streaming? And can you tell me how?


A: Companies use streaming for many reasons, not least of which is almost-instant delivery of video or multimedia online.

But another important reason for streaming is that they don’t want users to be able to save their own copy. If they did want people to record their streams they’d offer a download as well.

There are a couple of contentious pieces of software out there which do “grab” streaming content. Camtasia Studio is one. But Camtasia’s prime purpose is not to grab streams, rather than to record in-house software demonstrations so companies can better market their software products.

Copyright is also a major issue. It’s very important to many people, and grabbing a stream is almost certainly going to violate someone’s copyright. So grabbing is illegal in many cases.

Likewise, the companies who provide streaming services make a key sales point that streaming content, by virtue of what it is, cannot and should not be recorded, and they don’t promote that it is possible.

I could give a 1 word answer to the question, an answer which is technically wrong. “No”.

Story by James Cunningham, Streaming Wizard, Streaming services and solutions provider

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