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Imagine – instead of putting on your induction DVD and getting the contractor crew to watch the lot

– do you you think it’d make more sense to have your safety presentation deliverable in a more modular way

– so you could click to select exactly the modules you need to show them

– and eliminate the time waste of sections in your induction that aren’t relevant to the safety of today’s gang of contractors or new starters.


Examples of using modular induction

1 – You’ve got a contractor crew coming on board and you know they’ll be drilling walls in an area where there’s asbestos.

It’d be nice to show them an extra induction module that focuses on Asbestos Safety.

2 – New changes on the factory floor might mean that for a short time you run a higher risk of spills because the floor literally is bumpier and more spill prone during refurbishment.

Wouldn’t it be good to replay the “what to do in the event of a spillage” module to all contractors & workforce working in or near that area.

3 – You may need longer or shorter versions of your induction, depending on the nature of the work the contractor crew will be doing.

A cleaning crew doesn’t need the same training as a crew working with high voltages or from heights.

4 – If you’re also inducting New Starters, you can include a module that goes into more detail about your company’s scope & capability, and who you are

– all information the contractor doesn’t need to know in such depth.

Being able to select exactly the induction to fit the job in hand obviously offers you more scope & flexibility, as well as saving time for both you and your video audience.

So how’s it done?


Menu-driven interactivity

If your Contractor Induction is produced as a multimedia video – and not merely as a one-shot DVD

– then why not have a front menu where you can select exactly the video modules you need for any induction.

It’s that simple, but many safety advisors don’t think of it because (deep breath)

– nobody ever told them they could have it!

Once you embark on the multimedia video route you can also include interactive quizzes and tests to validate the learning received.

This is a very simple way to induct better, more thoroughly

– yet never waste time over inducting – telling people things they don’t need to know.

Contractor induction is rarely a one-size-fits-all.

How To Plan A cContractor Induction Video


Modular multimedia video means you can match the induction to the occasion.

It’ll save you time where time can be saved

– yet do a more in-depth job as you require.

And with the addition of quizzes and tests, you can be certain your audience really has onboarded the information you’ve told them.

Modular contractor induction video works better than DVD. Everytime.

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