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Q: Hi, I have been tasked with putting together an induction for our company site. Part of this will need to include a 15-20 min video presentation. I would like to have a look at the examples you have posted on the web site however we are in a remote location and have limited band width. Could you please send me some examples of your work to the following address so as to assist me in my decision making process.

HS&E Adviser
International Oil Company

A: Sending samples is a common request, and we’re always delighted to do this.

Typically a Health and Safety Induction video comprises:

> A brief Introduction to the company

> Access to work and security

> Permits to Work

> Emergency procedures

> Site rules

> Environmental considerations

> Summary

Since many of your workforce have English as a second language, I would recommend using lots of captions throughout the video. Seeing the words as well as hearing them will help people to quickly grasp what is being said.

Using captions will also make your video look more impressive as they can be designed in your corporate style, giving it greater memorability.

Since many of the scenes will require showing people at work, I would also recommend using a couple of actors to play the main parts. Own staff often look stiff or uneasy on camera, which gives an amateur look to a production.

By contrast, professional actors will give flawless performances, while still looking very natural.

Often I suggest building up a drama out of the video, complete with a plot as this makes it more interesting for the audience to watch.

But since your audience isn’t necessarily English then the simpler voiceover route with designer captions will be more effective.

You’ll also notice I’ve suggested a Summary section.

This greatly aids the learning, as it is an opportunity to reinforce key points.

We tend to produce this section is a very graphic style, with video footage seen inside a smaller window, while captions and voice cover the content. This approach looks very stylish, and very corporate if it’s done properly, and makes for a more solid memorable conclusion.

The whole production can be produced as an interactive DVD so that you can Play All, or play selected sections from the video. The flexibility this offers is useful for those exceptional situations that have a habit of turning up.

And of course the Interactive DVD menu can all be designed and animated in your corporate style.

This use of corporate style graphics throughout adds a thematic unity to a programme that just shooting video footage alone cannot achieve.

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