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In previous Q&A issues we promised you that the Training Video Production Handbook was due for imminent release.

Well, here it is, out today – and it’s free.

The Training Video Production Handbook is designed for training, health & safety and video professionals or students alike.

In fact, it’s suitable for anyone with an interest in producing better training video whether for induction, safety or a specific training issue.

You can get your copy here from our Video Resources Page

The methodology is applicable across all sectors of industry and commerce to construction and retail, and both private and public sectors. I would particularly like to thank the The Valuation Office who inspired me to write this.

The content is a distillation of 20 years of producing training videos, originally on tape, and now as DVD, stream, or as part of an interactive suite.

But while the media may have changed, the issues are still remarkably the same:

To motivate a workforce or contractor audience to want to learn by offering them useful instruction in an interesting way that they will remember and be able to easily apply in their daily work

Because it is a handbook and not an encyclopedic reference for producing training videos, you may notice some details missing.

For example, I haven’t mentioned steadicam (handheld gyroscopic camera) because it’s too expensive for most training budgets, though high end clients do use steadicam to bring training dramas to life in a more filmic way.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Training Video Production Handbook – use it.

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