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display screen risk assessment

With our display screen risk assessment now in its 10th year, we’re pleased to announce the free online version 3.3 release, a comprehensive, interactive training and display screen risk assessment for display screen equipment users, including a downloadable risk assessment document when completed.

The whole app is now full size 1920×1080 making viewing and operation much easier.

It now looks and feels a lot better, with a higher level of user acceptability, and a professional enterprise-scale GUI.

Additionally the application can now be configured more easily to Learning Management Systems (LMS), for those who require a custom implementation.

If you’re new to LMS take a look at Opus CoursePlay from Digital Workshop, a low cost LMS solution that avoids the overhead & complexity of many leading high cost LMS applications.


what is a workstation?

Interactive quiz


We’ve also directly included the display risk assessment as part of our main video production services website where many other free workplace training resources may be found.

If you’re unsure if you need a risk assessment, you can find legal guidance online at the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website here.

The risk assessment app averaged 876,000 page views last year, which has consistently increased year on year, thanks to you, sharing the link and paying it forward to your colleagues and fellow professionals.

On top of this we regularly get emails from H&S and HR professionals thanking us for making the resource available.

Interestingly, we get very few support requests, which is encouraging as it means the app is easy & self explanatory.


you need enough leg room under your desk

Checking space under the desk

Updated 2015

Our VDU risk assessment has been recently been updated to meet current health and safety regulations.

Averaging over 1000 visits every month, this free service has been used by countless businesses looking to fulfil their display screen equipment health and safety obligations.

And they get proof that they’ve done so, with each participant being able to print off documentation stating that they’ve completed the assessment, highlighting where any failures may have occurred.

All types of companies & organisations use it – both large and small. It’s a great tool for any Health & Safety or HR manager who needs their staff to use a computer in a safe, compliant and efficient way.


What does our Display Screen Risk Assessment include?

After a brief introduction, the VDU Risk Assessment educates the user on the following topics:

The Workstation

How the desk environment should be – such as chair positioning and working posture.


Bad light can cause screen glare, which can lead to headaches and eyesight issues.

Environmental Issues

A clean and tidy work environment is essential for the health and well being of your staff.

Work Organisation

Drawers, cupboards and other storage locations should be utilised to their fullest.

Health Issues

If a member of staff has a pre-existing medical condition, then it’s important that considerations are made with regards to their working environment.

Working at Home

A home office can be just as dangerous as a company office.

The Display Screen Risk Assessment


Sample: Completed risk assessment - page 1

Ist page of a completed risk assessment


Once the training has been completed the assessment follows, ensuring each employee has taken in all of the relevant information.

As long as the test has been completed correctly, then the user will be taken to a screen that shows proof of completion.

This can be printed out and shown to any would be inspectors or line managers.


The benefits of using our VDU Risk Assessment

The main benefit in your pocket is that it’s free.

Another benefit is that it’s often updated, with the latest version being v3.3.

It was originally produced and designed by Studio Rossiter with the help of safety professionals from Pilkington Glass (now NSG) – so it has always been of a professional industry standard.

Which is why so many businesses & organisations still use it today.

Why not try it for yourself?

Click to try out our Display Screen Risk Assessment for free. There are no strings attached. Simply use it.


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