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Contractor inductions are time consuming.

If your business requires the year round hiring of freelance contractors, then inductions can also be constant.

You hire a contractor for the benefits and skills that that they can bring to an organisation – the needs and requirements of each contractor must therefore be viewed on an individual basis.

But there will be some rules and regulations of your business that are the same for and must be obeyed by everyone.

These can include:

> Health and safety procedures

> Common work methods

> Emergency procedures

> Site hazards

> Site rules

> Work environment

And the list goes on.

Using video as an Contractor Induction tool

Using a professional video to deliver your induction message is far better than giving a personal induction presentation to every new contractor who arrives on site.

The main reason for this is obvious, time:

> Your time

If a video is used universally for any contractor entering your company then its message does not have to be conveyed by you or another member of staff.

Productivity that would normally be affected by these absences is allowed to continue at its usual efficient pace.

And a contractor induction video only has to be produced once. Your delivery only has to be performed once. So in the long term a contractor video will save you money.

> Continuity of message

The rules and regulations you have to convey are probably ‘set-in-stone’.

That is to say, they will be written down in some laborious document being used to keep a door open somewhere.

Their importance means that they can not be changed, at least not at regular intervals.

‘Trapping’ the message means they remain unaffected.

Video has the same effect on both the literal message and its presentation.

Keeping the meaning and emphasis of your message.

The interpretation of your contractor induction can be greatly affected by how its delivered to its recipient.

The person delivering it – even if that person is your good self – can unintentionally modify its content, if you leave out a key safety message or site rule, it can result in a lawsuit.

A video will stop this from happening, ensuring that areas of key importance are emphasised at each and every delivery and that other, what may be perceived as unimportant parts of the message, are not ‘accidentally’ left out.

‘Extras’ that a contractor video can provide

Lets face it, most inductions (especially the health and safety ones) are boring.

A video will inevitably make it more entertaining.

The use of smooth transitions, appropriate graphics and titles and clear crisp sound will make sure your message gets the contractors attention and not aid in their distraction.

The combination of visual and audio that video brings, will mean that contractors are much more likely to remember your site rules.

A well scripted contractor induction video will also be clear and concise, no more long winded safety talks that go on for hours.

Contractor video induction for the business of 2012

A modern organisation that depends on the continual hire of individual contractors will benefit greatly from the use of induction video/s.

Whether you consider it to be red tape or necessary procedure, conveying the right information to the right people in the right way is necessary for your business to function.

Using video, and utilising the benefits video will bring, will help you use the time you need to ensure your business functions in the best possible way and contractors have been properly taught your safe ways of working.

Studio Rossiter are experts in contractor induction videos – see video examples

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