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"Kevin Rossiter brings innovation to the work we do so that the message we communicate is fresh and in a language everyone can relate to."

Client: Global construction

Carillion is a multinational facilities management & construction services company with 55,000 employees and contractors worldwide and an annual turnover of £5.5 billion.

Carillion design, finance, build, maintain and service projects around the world in 13 market sectors: Aviation; Building; Central Government; Civil Engineering; Commercial; Education; Energy; Financial Services; Health; Local Authorities; Road; Rail; Utilities.

Objective: Culture change

Carillion has a safety culture based on participation, collaboration and personally taking action.

On-site safety and good working relations is an economic driver of Carillion's global business. They aspire to become a safety leader worldwide with the whole workforce buying into best practice.

Their latest video needed to show an ideology underpinning their safety message based on engagement between all levels of the workforce: site workers, supervisors, contractors, managers and directors.

This 'Engagement' video needed to build on the previous health and safety theme 'Don't Walk By', which encouraged site employees to take action when seeing potential safety problems. It needed to highlight the importance of immediate reporting and the sharing of improvements between sites.

"Health and safety is not simply a priority in Carillion, because priorities can change as pressures alter, but rather it is a given. No matter what the other pressures may be, health and safety will always be given full attention. It is our objective to be the recognised leader in health and safety in our sector, and our Board is committed to achieving this."

Richard Howson, Chief Executive.

Brief: Let peers advocate

When watching the video, every member of the workforce should see a person like them describing how engagement works, what the benefits have been for them and how ideas and suggestions have been adopted on different sites through Carillion's Safety Action Groups.

Carillion wanted a video that would:
1. Present a common understanding of what engagement means at all levels of the company.
2. Show supervisors and managers actively seeking site workers' opinions and suggestions.
3. Explain how taking action makes a safe workplace and a successful business.

Audience: Multi-level, multi-national

1. Site workers who need their suggestions and ideas to be acted upon by supervisors.
2. Supervisors and managers who need to actively solicit feedback and ideas from employees and contractors.

"It had to be relevant to site workers, supervisors, managers and directors and show how taking action for the safety of colleagues and the public also leads to personal satisfaction and company success."




Solution: Edited interviews

Studio Rossiter collaborated with Carillion's team to construct a compelling narrative that tells the story of their engagement-based approach through the experiences and words of dozens of site workers, supervisors, services operatives and managers.

It champions the benefits of engagement for site safety, job satisfaction and corporate success worldwide.

"I have enjoyed Linda Rossiter's skill and editorial capabilities in creating a
coherent message from a lot of diverse footage."

Results: More safety, more feedback

In 2011, as a result of the Don't Walk By approach to site safety, the
Group's accident frequency rate reduced by 30% with four out of five of contracts achieving zero reportable accidents in the year.

"Within two weeks, the Engagement video was seen by 25,000 employees, contractors and service personnel. Since its release, levels of feedback from the workforce has doubled."

Comment: Our team, their workforce

"I'm confident sending Kevin (Rossiter) into our business at any level. He puts audiences at ease very quickly and allows them to perform. He gets the best out of them, whether it's site workers who have never told their story before or a Chief Executive giving leadership to a diverse audience."

Barry Quatermass, IMS Director



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