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Q: Have you every considered doing training in video production?

We produce our own videos in-house and I feel we need some training in script writing.

There are classes in producing scripts for TV, but none specifically for training and I am sceptical on whether the TV script writing would be helpful.

I am wondering if your company could provide such training.

There are 5 of us, 4 who are active in video production (on an occasional basis) and our manager.

We do a variety of types of video, our most recent uses were for customer service training and performance management training.

The purpose being to give examples of behaviour to reinforce material presented within e-learning modules.

Our next project is going to be filming of cell tower masts to support a valuation.

So you can see we do a wide range.

My particular interest is to gain knowledge on not only how to structure the scripts and storyboards, but hopefully gain some insight on how to write interesting scenes.

Instructional Designer
HR Learning
Government Department

A: I can help in any area of corporate video production training, inc UK and foreign language.

I also have a strong background in multimedia & web development – not the technical coding stuff – but I’m well able to connect the dots with the different media.

Our Video production resoruces section of thr website covers a wide range of corporate marketing and web marketing topics in the form of ebooks and white papers

What I can bring to the table is an understanding of the whole corporate video production process, and how it relates to making better videos.

Meanwhile, could you ask your team to write 3 (or more) questions each on what they’d particularly like to learn, or better understand.

It would also help to know what they’re already very good at, eg, maybe also reply as “these are three things I think I’m very good at”.

This will allow me to better structure the course content to your actual needs.

If any of your team ask “what’s he like?”, then please tell them that as a producer, “my priority is always to deliver what will most affect the hearts and minds of the audience in a positive, memorable and enjoyable way.”

Your idea to look for a specialist is a smart one.

You’ll be significantly better training scriptwriters/storyboard writers after being taught, and you’ll achieve this is less time.

And your videos will reflect this, as people will find them:

> easier to watch

> easier to absorb

> more memorable

So it’s official: There’s a market out there for corporate video production training.

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