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Here at Studio Rossiter, we’re helping Safety/Training Managers to develop their next solution on a regular basis.

But recently an interesting question has been asked of us:

“Can animation work as a safety or training solution?”

The short answer to this is yes!

Here’s why:

Site induction video

Contractors are forever moving from site to site – and every new site has its own induction process.

Although many companies have now integrated video into their induction process – and this is a vast improvement on power point! – its quickly becoming a well worn path.

The issue here is that when people become familiar with a process – they ‘switch off’ and fail to absorb information.

For instance, when was the last time you actually listened to your flight attendant before take off?

Point proven – nobody listens to the same old speech!

The solution to keeping your audiences attention is to show them something that they didn’t expect to see.

This is something that Virgin Atlantic were all too aware of when they commissioned this passenger safety video from video company, Art & Graft.

Trip : The Virgin Atlantic Safety Film from Art & Graft on Vimeo.

So getting your audience to watch your induction is an obvious benefit to animation for worksites.

But there are other benefits too.

Easy Multi-lingual Conversion

A current client of Studio Rossiter chose to use animation for their next training solution as they have many worksites around the globe.

This gives them the problem of creating an training solution that can work in any given language.

The benefit that they saw in animation, was that it allows them to produce the video once – then quickly swap to any language of voiceover for localisation.

This eliminated the need for any re-shoots – where they’d need to bring in native actors for each individual language.

Of course there was another possible solution – they could have always used a ‘tacky’ overdub!

But they wanted better.

An animated training video was the obvious choice for them.



Presenting a Safe, Clean Working Environment

When producing a video where safety or training is concerned there is one golden rule:

“Nothing in shot can be dangerous or conflict with your training message”

This often means:

> a thorough clean up of the filming location before the shoot

> pre-shoot planning to ensure the correct PPE, signage, etc is in place

> a ‘spotter’ for the shoot – someone from your company who can oversee filming to ensure that your safety message is adhered to.

Animated Safety Video bypasses all three of these nuisances, allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture – the content of your training package.

However, there is also an added bonus to using animation over live footage for safety / training video.

It doesn’t apply to all – but for some it’s a vital necessity.

If your plant doesn’t exist yet – you can still produce the video!

All of your scenes within the video are composed from illustrations – this gives gives you the ability to plan ahead and produce your induction video for when the worksite is operational!

In Summary

Here’s the 3 take homes for why animation is the perfect fit for your next production:

> it’s engaging – people will actually watch and not ‘switch off’

> multilingual versions are that bit easier to produce

> there’s no need to worry about an unsafe work environment

If you’d like to find out more and see some samples please see our Animated Safety Videos

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