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Studio Rossiter are pleased to announce our latest product – Accident Video Production

An Accident Video Drama is a powerful tool produced from a mix of professional scripting, editing, post production and years of experience and insight.

Video Styles

We range from a visually powerful video with no voiceover, for an international audience

– to dramas that involve a series of interviews to show how an accident can deeply impact peoples lives, families and their future

– to simulating the most dangerous accidents into 3D animations, for scenes that cannot be acted out.

The Benefits

What this can do for a workforce is ensure that everyone is aware of:

> how accidents occur in a work environment

> the underlying reasons for them

> what they need to do to stay safe

Why Studio Rossiter?

At Studio Rossiter accident dramas have become a matter of course, having been doing it for over 20 years.

We’ve done accident dramas for companies such as BP, Carillion and Unilever.

So whether you’re interested in demonstrating a simple accident using your own staff members, or a fatal incident with plotline and professional actors, you can be confident that Studio Rossiter will deliver a compelling, eye-opening video solution every time.

Follow the link below for more information:

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