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Business podcasts – and your business vision

Do you know your company’s vision? Your business objectives?

Good. Does your staff know too?

All of them?

I thought not. That’s why your reading an article on business podcasts.

The video podcast matters.

Business podcasts solve basic business problems

Departmental communication – in pre-business podcast days -had its flaws.

Even now, whatever your presentation message is, it’s likely to be ‘filtered’ as it is passed on from one person to another throughout your organisation’s structure.

To explain:

The head of a company, your CEO, may make a (non podcast!) statement and require it to be cascaded accurately throughout the whole organisation – or senior management.

Effectively communicating this core message – depending on the size of your company – may prove to be difficult.

For example, you may address your department managers with the hope that they will correctly pass your information on to the workers on their team.

So what can go wrong?

> Some teams feel the message is less relevant to them – when it’s actually not the case.

Nonetheless this attitude can affect the downward cascade of information.

A team leader may think the latest batch of internal business information is irrelevant to their team and may discard it.

> The information you give could be unintentionally altered.

Somebody in your audience may only hear what they want to hear (selective listening anyone?)

This means they will only pass on selected information to their colleagues.

> People could be missing from your intended audience

Sickness, holidays or unforeseen circumstance can also mean a presentation is not seen by everybody who matters.

People – for whatever reason – are frequently out of the loop. And playing catch-up is never easy.

> If you have an international business, getting everybody in one place at one time will prove to be difficult, time consuming and expensive – if not impossible

Podcast – enter stage right!

Business podcast benefits

A business video podcast will ensure your message reached all of your staff, even those on international placements, in its original and intended structure.

Your business podcast means your company message will be delivered to all of your staff in its unaltered form.

It will not be unintentionally filtered or modified.

If produced correctly, your podcast delivery will be equivalent to you making your presentation it in person.

If not better.

And it can be done regularly. Its quick, easy and cheap.

A weekly video podcast means you can expect everyone to be bang up-to-date with all the company’s news, new thinking, new ideas, and enhanced practices.

Business podcasts often come with added-value.

You can project mood, image, energy and information in exactly the way you want.

You get audience control.

This is internal internet marketing at its finest, as any better business bureau will tell you.

If you want your message to be associated with a particular theme or company value then use music, graphics and voice projection to achieve this.

Trying to leave an impression on your staff? Try using graphics to make your ideas crystal clear. A picture speaks a thousand words..

And there is always the option of using graphic titles to re-emphasise any key points that you may have.

8 ways business podcasts can work for your company

> Your company message can reach your staff in its original, non-filtered, unadulterated form

> You don’t have to arrange for a presentation venue

> The extra expense incurred by travel costs is not needed

> What you have to say can and will reach all of your staff

> The visuals of your video podcast can designed to suit your taste

> The sound of your podcast can be modified to suit your taste

> Its cheap and easy

> It can be done repeatedly and on demand

The above equally applies to the small business owner who wants to regularly communicate with customers. Use a video podcast. You’ll generate business opportunities.

Avoid live streaming. Always go for post-event video production.

In 2012, a business podcast is the only acceptable way to communicate on a large scale within an organisation.

Check out some of our latest business podcast videos here.

They were produced for large international companies to explain their corporate values to the entire workforce.

Video podcast? Business podcast? The name doesn’t matter – but the results do.

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