15 questions a Safety Manager must ask before producing an induction video

An Induction Video can save you hours and weeks of time compared with the time spent standing up in a training room and delivering a powerpoint induction.

Typically, 45 minutes of safety induction training can be reduced to a 15 minute video, which in many cases can induct to a more consistent standard compared to an Inductor who has to stand up day after day and inspire an audience of disinterested contractors to adopt your safe working practices.

But there’s a lot more to induction than simply producing a safety video.


What this questionnaire delivers

Answering the following 15 questions will allow you to determine the content of your induction video project more accurately.

The completed questionnaire will help you brief your colleagues, as well as your safety video producer.


Before you start

1 – Who are your different types of video audience? Contractors, new starters, visitors? List who needs inducting with video.

2 – How unique are your different audience needs? How much of the induction information is suitable for all audiences of whatever type? How much info is specific to only certain types of inductee, eg, engineering contractors compared with new starters?


Getting access to the workplace

Nobody gets access to their workplace without certain conditions being fulfilled.

3 – What are parking arrangements?

4 – What do they need to do on arrival at the gatehouse or reception?

5 – How are their certifications checked?

6 – How are the risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) verified and discussed? What about permits?

7 – What PPE is required? Who supplies it?


Coming on site – a module from the Molson Coors Contractor Induction video


Emergency procedures

If a catastrophic event occurs, people need to know what to do. 

8 – What types of catastrophic event may occur on your site? Fire, gas, medical etc

9 – What do the alarms sound like?

10 – Where are the muster points?

11 – What should the individual do if they discover a fire or medical emergency


Site Hazards

Every site has hazards specific to them, plus general hazards common to your industry or business sector.

12 – What are the hazards on your site or premises? List the main or unique hazards. For example, noise, slips & trips, moving vehicles & machinery, manual handling etc.

13 – What safe behaviours and compliance are necessary to control risk & hazards?


Site Rules

These are the basics everyone must comply with

13 – What site rules do inductees need to know? For example smoking, drugs, use of mobile phones, use of site facilities etc

Soft issues

14 – What environmental controls do inductees need to know? Spill kits, waste, neighbours

15 – What are the individual’s responsibilities? For example, safe behaviours,incident reporting, zero tolerance, adopting your safety culture, etc

How To Plan A cContractor Induction Video



Embarking on an induction video is a challenge for any safety or training manager.

Hopefully the above questions will help you understand your induction video scope & content a little better.

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