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 As a Retail Manager, you constantly need to train up new staff in a quick effective way – that makes them remember what you’ve said and want to give great customer service in your stores. 

Here are 13 quick ideas to get you going – staff training needn’t be boring. 

1. Use 2 presenters – as their conversation together and interaction is more engaging than a single person, they can ask questions and link sections of video together.

2. For perfect performance from your presenter, use green screen backdrop and an on-camera teleprompt for the Presenters.

3: Use actors to act out common scenes as drama scenarios – helping to show interpersonal skills and instances of what may occur on the job – ie dealing with the or with customer complaints.

4. Combine drama scenes with Staff interviews (from all levels) to reinforce your company culture and make the video seem more human.

5: Try using a strong and lively graphic theme, as this will impress staff and they will think more of your new programme.

6. Use “spot the mistakes” interactive Q&A sections between sections of the programme, eg, “what’s’ wrong with what you’ve seen”.

7. Use scenarios that promote discussion, For example “what would you do in this situation?” Leave the video on a cliff hanger.

8. Subtitling in foreign languages, to ensure any foreign staff fully understand.

9. Show a day in the life as management training – more personal approach, so they know they work with real people, not just a corporation.

10. For something totally different
, use an animation with an animated presenter character narrating the story – this is also easier to update in the future, and for adapting to different languages.

11. Use a Steadicam unit to film up and down the door – this gives a grand feeling and it shows the guest or customer’s point of view POV as they walk through the store.

12. Use a crane to get great shots of the exterior and above and make a great impression on the staff – the better they value the store the better they will want to perform.

13. Produce as modules within a full e-learning programme, with questions after each module to validate the training as-it-happens.



Whether you’re re-imagining an existing video or starting from scratch, hopefully from the above, you’ll find at least one great idea for your next retail training video.


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