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Here’s a quick rundown of 12 important reasons to update that old training video you’ve been using for years!

1. Change in law

A change in legislation is an unavoidable reason to update your video.

Whether it’s putting a workforce’s well-being at risk, or putting the business itself at risk for prosecution, a video update will provide the solution.

2. New Premises

You’ve moved to a different premises, which could mean a number of things – Firstly maybe you just can’t wait to show off your new premises, but more importantly a change in premises means a change in emergency procedures.

This could be something such as your fire safety plan, which were designed around your old premises.

3. Staff have left

You may have a section in the video that includes a member of staff who is no longer in your business, don’t risk looking unprofessional, or any legal liability involved.

4. New staff joined

On the other hand, you may want someone new in the business to say a few words in your video.

eg. A business with a new CEO may update their video to include a short values introduction from them.

5. Change in client requirements

It might not be new legislation that is changing the rules, it could instead be an important client.

eg. A large supermarket requiring stricter food standards from their retail suppliers.

6. Introduction of international workforce

Your workforce may have grown to an international scale and so your training video needs to have foreign language versions.

7. New Workforce

You may be taking on a new type of workforce to ease the workload, without up to date training they can become a liability.

eg. Your business has been growing and you start to outsource more work to contractors, so now your training video needs to be updated or maybe even have a second version made so that it applies to contractors specifically.

8. Updated PPE

With the importance of safety, many businesses give priority to making sure that their workforce have that best protection possible.

You may find that your old training video includes old-outdated PPE or at least doesn’t include the new equipment, this gives your workforce get mixed messages, which is something you can’t afford when it comes to health & safety.

eg. Your business now employs the use of more protective kevlar overalls which are not shown in your old business – or – a new type of glove

9. Rebranding

Since the video you’ve undergone a rebranding, which you’re very proud of, so why not have the graphics in your old video updating to reflect your great new brand.

10. Increased incident rate

There’s a sector of your business where there has been an increase of incidents so it needs to be given more focus in your video.

An example of this could be if there was a 5% rise in incidents working at height, then it’s an indicator that the area of the training video that covered working at heights isn’t sinking in.

So whether it’s a case of just being more thorough or taking a new approach, your video needs updating.

11. New niches

Your business has ventured into new niches, which is great, but if you haven’t given your workforce full training in these areas then how do you know that your new service will be carried out to the same standard as the rest of your business.

12. Extra budget

Extra budget may be a preferred problem to have, but it’s still a problem.

So maybe it’s time to finally time to update that old video (something you’ve meant to do for some time, but somehow it just never happened).


Most businesses in this day and age have at least an adequate Training Video, but does that really present the image that you want to give?

If too many of these reasons sound familiar to you, then it’s probably a sign that it’s about time for a Training Video update.

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