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As a trainer you'll know only too well that people have short attention spans.

Individuals are limited by the amount of information they can usefully absorb in one session.

In fact, an overlong training video can be the shortest route to switching off your audience, and putting them in sleep mode.

You also need to consider that Time is most frequently wasted through a series of small 10 second increments and additions

- that collectively add up to unnecessary, yawn-making minutes.

We call it Runtime Creep.

So what can you, the training, customer care or safety manager do about it?

10 ways to make your Training Video shorter

1 - Don't repeat information said elsewhere. Training videos are repetition prone, and so less effective.

2 - Stick the must-haves, the key messages that you require your workforce to implement.

3 - Break your long training video into short modules so the each individual only sees what they need to see.

4 - Keep the Company Info section short, with a maximum of 30 seconds.

5 - Reduce interview lengths to: 1 interview = 1 bite. Don't have multiple messages in the same interview.

6 - Keep VIP, CEO or MD speeches to a maximum of 24 words - the same as the BBC do in their news reporting.

7 - Get the tempo right - allow for voiceover at 100 words per minute. Don't either rush the script, or, drag it.

8 - Plan ahead - to avoid last minute script insertions, which often end up as freshly bloated new sections.

9 - Know the difference between what must go in the video - and what should go in one of your powerpoints or slideshows - or possibly even a poster on a wall.

10 - Use graphics, eg, a 15 second quick graph can make the point more quickly than a voiceover that rambles for a minute.

Interactive training multimedia, where video, multimedia and learning combine, is often seen as the foolproof way of ensuring the right information is delivered in the right quantities to the right people.


Summing Up

Don't forget - there's no hard or fast rule on training video runtime.

Your judgement as a Trainer is what counts.

But these 10 tips will help avoid making the common mistakes

- and help make your training video shorter, crisper and more effective.

High quality training video samples are available to view here.


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