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Animation video might be new to business & organisations, but it’s arguably a more effective way to explain safety rules, procedures & values than the filmed video approach you may be used to.

Here are 10 reasons why:


1 – Video takes time to organise and plan shoots, while animation doesn’t.

If you’re a busy safety advisor you’ll appreciate this as planning for a safety video can eat time you don’t easily have to give.

2 – Animation allows you to recreate incidents, accidents & scenes without the need for actors, sets and complex filming.

Need to show what happens when you cross the barrier? Animation can show exactly the level of near miss or incident you need.

3 – Animation can inject a sense of humour in your video, or at least a bit light heartedness.

Everybody likes the odd smile especially during an otherwise dry safety video induction.




4 – Animation costs about the same as the safety video filming alternative, and can sometimes cost less.

Financially animation is a realistic alternative to filming on your site, as the costs of video crew and cast are eliminated.

5 – Animation gives newness and impact for presenting tired safety messages.

You can tell how effective your current safety presentations are by watching your levels of audience engagement and participation.

Animation will keep them watching and learning.

6 – People love cartoons

You do too, don’t you.

2016 Video Training Handbook

7 – Animation lets you show whatever you want in video without the restrictions of live filming.

You can literally go to the moon if it suits your safety message.

8 – Animation works for foreign audiences as an animated safety video’s impact is usually more visual and less complex to understand.

When English is your second language, pictures speak louder than words.

9 – You can have lots of different people and characters in animation compared to filming where the cast is restricted by the amount of time available for filming, and the availability of people suitable for appearing on camera.

An animated safety video production can take safety into the home and introduce wives, families and the wider aspects of the individual’s life and well being.

10 – Animation can show what might have happened if someone didn’t follow a safety procedure or safe behaviour.

People don’t know how serious a near-miss or accident can be until you show them.


If you’re Safety Advisor then maybe it’s time to think afresh about how you produce your next video.

Effective training needs engagement. And animation engages.


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Now you know 10 reasons why safety animated video beats traditional filmed video.



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