Training or safety video production prices are divided into 2 parts:



All prices shown are best-guess, sight-unseen, enabling you to establish an order of budget.


The main factors that influence training video costs include:

> The number of days filming required

> The length of the video

> Optional extras such as specialist crew, actors, a presenter, additional animation & graphics

The number of days filming

Whether a video needs 1, 2 or 3 or more days filming is partly determined by the number of locations required.

If everything is shot in one location, such as your main site, then the filming is quicker than if the video crew have to travel to series of different locations spread across your town, country or the world.


The length of the video

Generally a video crew can film 5 minutes of a runtime video in a single day.

Sometimes this can be increased to 7 minutes if the shots are fairly simple and all in the same area.

If you’re not sure how long your video needs to be, then write a quick draft script. Then allow 1 minute of video runtime for each 100 words of script. So a 500 word script becomes a 5 minute video.


Optional extras

While straightforward voiceover-driven, budget training video can be carried out by a 2 person video crew, you may need more audience impact & memorability, particularly if you're looking to upwardly evolve your work or safety culture, ie, get more output from less people, by raising their competence and behaviour.

Optional extras may include a larger crew, more specialist equipment, and a small cast of actors or a presenter, as well as animated graphics, or a number of interviews with operatives & management, or even small mini-dramas that bring common work situations to life.

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Training or safety videos are mostly voiceover-driven, professionally filmed, edited & post produced, and are best suited for explaining rules & procedures to your workforce. Captions & titles are added as required for support or emphasis.

From the outset we were impressed by their clarity and professionalism.

Each step is outlined clearly, cost is transparent, and the roles and expectations clearly defined.

Where there were any issues, Studio Rossiter worked quickly to understand our point of view and we were able to work collaboratively towards the goal of completing the videos.

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This specification will typically cover filming your workforce at your premises, preferably at a single location or area, then editing the footage to voiceover, to produce a finished training or safety video complete with captions and titles.
You’ll need to provide a draft script, which a professional scriptwriter will check, ready for voiceover.

  • Project management
  • Script checking & approval
  • Storyboard development & approval
  • Shoot schedule & call sheet
  • 1 day of filming onsite with a 2 person crew comprising Director & Camera Operator, and shoot kit, inc, glidetrack & wide angle lens.
  • Top professional voiceover, male or female
  • 1 music track
  • Titling & captions in your corporate style
  • Video editing inc cosmeticising footage
  • 2 hours of video amends
  • Delivery as mp4 video file

Travel + UK VAT not included


Use optional extras when you need something much more like a film, compared to a voice-driven, lowest cost training video.

This is the route to take when you need to powerfully motivate and make a deep impression in the minds of your workforce, showing them something they’ll remember and be able to apply in their work every day, while demonstrating this in their behaviour & competence towards tasks, colleagues or customers.

Typical extras might include a small cast of professional actors, so scenes can be dramatised and made more emotionally impactful, especially scenes that require your workforce to use their intelligence and make judgements, or apply their interpersonal skills, or maybe when they’re faced with a critical high risk.

Instead of using actors, you may prefer a professional presenter who can anchor all the segments of your video together, and summarise the message in a personable human way your workforce will like. A good presenter can become the face of your company.

Interviews with your CEO, management or workforce may also be used, either as messages from the top, or as group discussion to show the peer group impact & relevance of new ideas & procedures. Interview questionnaire development and coaching are included.

You may also need specialist animated graphics to explain concepts or processes, so your workforce understand the context of the whole project.

On request. we can also offer an online multimedia elearning menu system to play your video content as separate modules online, and send the results to your LMS (Learning Management System).

Cast: Actors - £400 - £800 per day
Cast: Presenters - £600-£1,000 per day
Animated sequences - £500 per 30 seconds
Drone - from £300
Portable crane - £80 per day

The above are guide prices. Your custom solution may require any mix or quantity of the above. It's best to write and tell us what you need, and ask for a custom quote.

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