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Buy any 3 videos, or spend £3,000

- and get a free social media video campaign - 4 extra videos

- plus a special free Custom Graphics Bonus - 20 new images

That's 3 explainer videos, a 4 video campaign, and 20 new graphics!

Technology marketers & startups know they need video to explain their emerging technology.

No video = no business.

But they ignore video in social media

- they don’t understand how to use it, or don't realise it's free to post.

Let's explore that possibility.

The 3 + 4 technology video deal

Generate more impact by using video in social media

See exactly what a free, unpaid social media video presence delivers for the technologist or startup:

Linkedin: Video delivers greater penetration of LinkedIn and all the consultants and professionals who inhabit it. Video will increase your LinkedIn following and generate some buzz, or even thought leadership amongst fellow intellects who can recommend you to their own clients.

Facebook: Most buyers will check out your company Facebook page, even if only for a glance. Surprise them. Let them see how bang up to date it is with your 4 social media videos. They’ll be quietly impressed, or at least give you a tick in a box.

Youtube: Be seen more easily on youtube, and win subscribers. With your 4 social media media videos and the 3 videos you purchased as part of this deal, you’ll actually have something resembling a decent playlist. Add in your existing in-house-produced tutorials, and ... you get the picture. More YouTube subscribers. Greater recognition.

Twitter: Tweet all your social media videos. Each tweet can earn 100's of impressions, even if blogs, emails and LinkedIn are your main focus. You can reasonably expect 5% of your Twitter followers to visit your Twitter Profile and discover more about you. What's not to like?

Blog: Your social media videos are also vlogs, so your blog page gets a refreshing update with each of your 3 explainers and 4 vlogs. Site visitors will see you’re very alive and kicking, and ... well, possibly even useful to them. Your 7 videos also give you a worthwhile SEO boost from Google who reward video posts.

Email: Last but very much not least, you can email your client base four times with 4 videos, spread over a month or so. Plus you can email your 3 explainer videos. Potential clients will not forget you in a hurry, or mistakenly buy elsewhere. Email still delivers more hard leads than all other social media, so get in front of potential customers with video.

To get this free 4 video social media campaign
buy 3 explainer videos, or spend £3,000. Any 3 videos.

Why do you need 3 videos in the first place?

The 3-Video Strategy to Convince Buyers

To reach mainstream markets with your technology, you have to deliver a complete package otherwise pragmatic hard-nosed customers may think you’re just another bedroom developer, and frankly, not worth the risk. They’re risk-averse by nature, even if they’re willing to buy and change their work processes to be more effective.

Three videos will establish you in their minds as the complete package supplier

- a market leader they can trust

- not some underdeveloped software solution they’ll never risk their business on.

Video can help you enormously here.

Still not sure why? Complete this checklist and learn how.

How many of these 10 video topics do you need urgently?

How many of these 10 video topics do you need urgently?

High quality homepage explainer video to win engagement. Simple as that. Impress and inform. This is essential to get visitors started on the trail of discovering the new market leader - YOU!

Deeper explanation of your concept and its practical application. Pragmatic mainstream buyers aren’t sold on the dream. They need concrete proof and understanding of what you offer, how it works, and how they must change in order to gain the benefits claimed in your home page promo video. This video aims to satisfy that deep buyer need.

Major function video. Each of your solution’s major functions will need its own video. The back office guy needs to hear his own version, while the company strategist needs to hear her own version. If you don't expand and tell the full story they'll be slower to buy. Make videos packaged around your major functions, and the customer types who’ll use it. Make their eyes sparkle.

A software demo with screenshots (not a tutorial). It’s essential to walk customers through the look and feel of your application so they can see what they're getting. Not as a lengthy boring tutorial, but your best ever demo. The alternative is to demo everytime yourself, which customers don’t want anyway. They want to see the demo without you, and work it out for themselves. So help them do this.

Dedicated vertical market video.You are targeting a dedicated vertical market to establish early market leadership, aren’t you? Nuff said.

An onboarding or integration video will let customers can see in advance how they need to prepare their organisation for your awesome game-changing, possibly even disruptive, technology offer. If you don’t make this video, they’ll secretly panic and postpone decisions which could otherwise be made more quickly. And all because they didn’t know what to expect after purchase.

Webcam testimonials help a lot. Massively. But they’re hard to get, like gold dust, so when you’re lucky enough to get a happy customer who's willing to speak publicly on your behalf, you need a professional video company to organise and deliver all this for you. This is how you maximise the opportunity. The last thing you need is to accidentally screw it up yourself with a home made, naive approach that sells you short. Get professional testimonials.

Your latest upgrade video. Even if upgrades are automatic, such as with a SAAS package, you must never stop telling customers why your solution is so great. "And just look at these new enhancements!" They need to know how hard you’re working for them. Never stop showing them.

Dedicated differentiator video. If your marketplace is tough or packed with competitors, you need a dedicated differentiator video that focuses solely on the differences you offer. Not your obvious major functions, but the differences, so the buyer gets a completely clear picture of why you’re better. This video is a Closer, and can win you the extra big deal that achieves the sales target your investors and VCs are crying out for.

A professional package induction video shows end users how to get the best from your solution. Show them what they can achieve with your technology in their daily lives, eg, the great potential to customise it, or personalise it, or achieve things they never knew they could do. If you don’t tell them this, they'll never do it. Even worse, they may abandon their SAAS subscription through lack of vision. Don’t become the one who gets axed from their cloud stack in the next cost-cutting round.

Special video deal for technology marketers


Buy any 3 videos, or spend £3,000

- and get a free social media video campaign - 4 extra videos

- plus a special free Custom Graphics Bonus - 20 new images

That's 3 explainer videos, a 4 video campaign, and 20 new graphics in all!

This technology video deal will catapult your solution forward

This technology video deal will catapult your solution forward

Special free graphics bonus

Special free graphics bonus

Your 7 new videos will have at least 20 custom-branded graphics locked inside them. This free Custom Graphics Bonus unlocks them all.

From each video we will send you:

3 graphics images for each runtime minute you buy. You can use these images on your website or social media, or as blog header images, page brighteners, animated graphic sliders, or Facebook posts. They make your visual world better.

A promotional graphic banner for each of your 7 videos so users understand what's in it for them if they click to view. A custom banner increases the amount of views.

In total, you get at least 20 custom graphics you're free to use on your site, in social media, or in presentations.

Plus free Vimeo Professional hosting, complete with Vimeo's unique Visual Analytics, enabling you to see exactly which elements of your videos work best, and which don't. Visually understanding audience viewing behaviour is central to video effectiveness.

The free bonus graphics are all based on professionally-captured screenshots from your videos.

Everyone who buys the 3 + 4 Deal gets it.

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