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Software tutorial video production

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    Software tutorial video production
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    Real customers expect to become experts in minutes not days or weeks.

    They want expert video workflows that solve their problems now, today. They’re impatient.

    Pro tutorials are your new sales edge.

    But often they’re the running sore that smears your brand in the eyes of an otherwise delighted new customer.

    Poor research, indifferent voiceover, poor learning structure, and poor video production quality all contribute to making users indifferent to your video tutorial efforts, and see viewing them as a last resort, a necessary evil.

    Often a software tutorial can be as much of a problem for users as actually learning your application

    - because it looks & sounds cheap, and explains poorly, making no effort to mirror the way people actually want to work

    - all the real reasons why your customer bought your application in the first place.

    At Studio Rossiter, we research every tutorial video project, learning & screen recording while you give us a demo, asking a lot of questions, then developing a script that structures the learning in a way your users will enjoy experiencing. And we do all this in close partnership with you at every step of the way.

    The downside is that it costs more than buying a tutorial on Fiverr or making it yourself.

    A professionally-made tutorial is an investment in your customers

    - freeing your valuable time to get on with coding your latest version, or launching a new point update.

    The DS Smith story - A case study

    Software Tutorial Video Production
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    It's a big job for any firm to motivate their European management teams to adopt new online working methods to solve traditional problems.

    DS Smith's new enterprise wide applications were exactly that.

    What was important was to onboard everyone - and do it quickly, avoiding the common scenario where half a company is onboard and the other half quietly ignores or postpones adopting the new applications & methods.

    Our job was to help DS Smith's IT department sell the new applications internally by showcasing the new workflows as a series of 5 video tutorial modules.

    For this we hired a cast of actors to dramatise common work scenes, show how the new apps were more effective, easier and quicker than the legacy work method they were designed to replace.

    Filmed in Ghent, Belgium, the videos were spread over 5 modules - part of a series of 37 videos we've produced for DS Smith.


    Onboard more clients and motivate their workforce with Software Tutorials that are genuinely useful.
    The right video tutorial quickly becomes a complete solution for pre and post sales support, showcasing workflow & functionality - while reducing support desk call time for recurring issues

    Got a pressing question - just ask You'll get a prompt, intelligent reply

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    Software tutorial video samples

    Screencast demo video
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    Software tutorial explaining how & why users may want to customise fields to mirror their business more exactly.

    Software Tutorial Video Production
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    One of a series of medical software tutorials showing how to open and navigate patient lists on tablet in a busy hospital ward.


    How to use the Event Planner software, and how to quickly & easily modify it for all the non-standard situations that frequently occur.



    How to use and customise the Waiting List feature so it matches and exceeds "the paper system" it's intended to replace.



    Creating a new user email - a short tutorial as part of a series for this innovative email client



    Complex cargo management application for ships at sea with limited internet connections, while keeping within strict customs regulations



    • microscope-yellow

      Researching & learning your application or package. It starts with your demo to us.

    • script-icon-yellow

      Full written script and detailed illustrated storyboard, with each to your approval

    • software-grab-yellow

      Screen capture as required

    • microphone-yellow

      Professional knowledgeable-sounding voiceover your users will like, plus music and audio effects as required

    • animation-yellow

      Animation & captioning to highlight key learning points so users are looking at the right part of the screen at the right time.

    • video-library-yellow

      Pro video library footage as required. It often helps to include a stock clip, showing a human side.

    • clock-yellow

      Up to 4 hours of final iterations

    • delivery-truck-yellow

      Delivered as 1080HD mp4 files

    Our software tutorials video production

    The video tutorial that users want and developers need

    Why do you need a professionally video tutorial when you can make it yourself?


    No brand smearing

    A quality video tutorial will:

    - enhance your valuable brand

    - explaining effective workflows users can deploy to meet the challenges of your potentially disruptive application

    - all in your corporate style


    Save time

    It takes a lot of time & effort to produce a quality video tutorial, as many developers quickly discover.

    Yet it's not a job that can be passed easily down the chain, as it takes subtlety & intelligence to know what to say and how to say it.

    Even if you outsource the video production work, you'll still have to direct the project, often in minute detail, to a willing but often inexperienced video editor. We take all these problems off your hands.


    Reduce Support Costs

    - Many support calls can be eliminated by providing easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

    - Actual support call times and email support requests can be reduced by simply referring the user to watch the correct video.

    - In many instances, software tutorials will eliminate the need to hire an extra support person.


    Increase Sales

    Most buyers will finalise their decision to buy from you only after they've viewed your tutorials, and confirmed they can work with your application.

    They need to know they're able to cope with any potential disruption arising from the new working methods.

    Big corporate buyers also perceive packages with comprehensive tutorials as having a Low Cost of Ownership - because they know they'll have less internal support demands.

    The quality of the tutorials can make or break the deal if it's a close race between you and a competitor.

    Specification - detailed

    • Detailed one-on-one briefing & demo - so we understand your software, and the subtleties that make it a great package
    • Professional scriptwriting based on screen recording your demo using Camtasia screen recorder with audio via webcam
    • Editing your video content to the length you specify, in the style you like to speak
    • Fully illustrated storyboard - an online collaborative visual Boords that allows you to see in advance each screen capture. You mark our homework until it's perfect.
    • Top professional voiceover artist using studio quality microphone- a voice that will enhance, not smear, your brand
    • Animated captions & graphics to highlight key screen areas and messages
    • Editing by an experienced software tutorial editor using Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects world-beating video editing software- for a smooth professional finish
    • Delivery as mp4 video file ready for streaming on youtube, your website, help centre, internal screencast and social media.
    • Foreign language versions of any video tutorial available using our time-proven video translation process.

    Common video tutorial FAQ

    Our mission at Studio Rossiter is to produce software tutorial video that onboards new users quickly & effectively into new workflows they'll quickly come to appreciate.

    Our collaborative production processes are designed for professional developers - like you.

    We've been producing instructional video since 1988.



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