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    We offer a new way to win customers with promo video, a data-driven approach that reduces the need for intuitive video decision-making, replacing it with hard data & evidential support. We reduce the guesswork through careful analysis of your customers, product, competitors and more.

    Software demo video production that wins customers

    The demo video production package
    for achieving market leadership

    • 1-high-level-85

      1 min High level animated overview

      Engage your customers fast and get them wanting to know more by exploring your site, and maybe your social media pages too. The solution-hungry customers will get in touch fast.
      A product demo is your impressive 60 second answer to the perennial “Who are you, and why should I take any notice of you?”

    • 2 – demo-85

      1-2 min Product demo video

      Automate the demonstration stage of your sale with a professional product demo. This will weed out the information collectors in your audience while answering real buyer's key questions such as "What does it look like? How does it work? Can I do it too?"
      Don't waste more time on useless demos. The best product demo videos let customers self-qualify.

    • 3 – explainer-85

      1-3 min low cost in-depth animated explainer video

      Most developers have technical information they need to share in depth, such as the need to explain a unique technology concept so buyers can properly understand just how game-changing your solution is, and the proven huge benefits they'll gain from using it.
      Either 2D or 3D animation will deliver an effective demo video. You can choose.

    • 4 vertical market-85

      1-3 min low cost vertical market presentation

      For the budding technology or software company, a vertical market is usually the most effective route to fast sales and accelerated market leadership. It deserves a product video in its own right so buyers can quickly identify you as the first choice solution for their industry specific-problem. Every vertical market or major customer segment needs its own dedicated app demo video.

    • 5 onboarding-85

      Onboarding & implementation

      If your technology or software is disruptive to customers then onboarding & implementation needs explaining. The worrying client is immediately reassured that disruption is minimal, that data migration is feasible & painless, and a fast uptake of the new platform or tool is a practical reality. Everything is purpose-built to minimize delays & excuses when signing up to your solution.

    • 6 tutorials-85

      Software tutorial modules

      After a first rate product demo, good quality tutorials are often the best pre-sales tools of all. Real buyers watch them, so don't disappoint them with a "bedroom developer look" for your learning materials. Get professionally made tutorials. Buy them in bulk to save money.

    What is a genius software demo video?

    A video that consistently wins new customers is always genius.

    You need a software demo video plan for achieving this.

    Remember: A genius demo production will energise & empower your target customer personas by showing them exactly what they need to see, not merely as an off-pat list of generic benefits, but as living screens they can quickly grasp and understand, supported by relevant messages that will transform their business.

    It will also eliminate or prequalify customers who never intended to buy, and stop you from wasting further time pursuing them.

    No more wasted demos. You've automated the process using a product demo video.

    This principle works equally well for small SAAS developers or enterprise scale disruptive technology platforms, and all shades in-between.

    The good news is that a genius demonstration doesn't depend on the amount of money you spend on it.

    It depends on the quality & effectiveness of the message you deliver to your carefully targeted customer.

    As a leading video production company it's what we believe.

    Everything is about message effectiveness.

    This is why we cater to all budgets

    - because it's the message that works, and not just the amount of money you have to spend on high end video content.

    Every project is backed-up with detailed research in your marketplace, so we're all working closely together, in a smarter way, to achieve the same goals.

    We know of no other way to make a genius technology presentation.

    Making new contacts every day


    Whether you need more leads, requests for demonstration, free trials, downloads, webinar bookings, subscriptions, enquiry form completions, or immediate sales

    - it starts with a product demo that engages your target market, winning you fresh contacts every day

    software demo video


    We understand applications, platforms, SAAS, DAAS, markets & clients

    We can maximize your Impact, Reach & Return

    12 Google reviews

    The creative process

    Your product demonstration video is a carefully determined mix of research, insight & creativity, designed to boost your digital marketing chain, and help you achieve market leadership.

    We can also produce different versions of your app video for website landing pages, foreign languages, new launch, social media, email, advertising (eg retargeting ads) presentations, or events, and for viewing on a variety of devices. It depends on the needs of the audience and your specific call-to-action for that target audience.


    • Project start

      To produce an animated demo video that delivers what you want, we learn about your company, your package, your business & marketing goals, your customer personas, your markets and your competitors. Our 1st Production Meeting covers this ground in detail. This gets us both on-message.

    • Research research research

      We research your marketplace, confirming & building on what we've already learned. A product demo is only as effective as the intelligence that goes into it. Where possible we analyse your data to establish user intent, the different stages in your sales funnel, your video presentation plan, and how your competitors are facing up to the same challenges you face.

      This is how we confirm your video goals and determine how your video will best achieve those goals. For example, we may recommend focussing more closely on a premium vertical market where you can consistently win, instead of pitching right into a much tougher general marketplace. This production stage is all about data-driven research & decisions. 

    • Script

      As a specialist technology product demo video company we know how critical the script is to effectiveness. All the research & insight we've gained goes into developing the perfect script. We provide concepts, ideas & words for you to develop with us. Whether we improve the final video result by 50% or 5%, it'll always be better. You get the perfect storyline to win in your application's marketplace, written by a top scriptwriter.

    • Establishing style

      Accurate research will enable you to narrow the creative style choices for your presentation. With at least twelve presentation style choices available, it's important to identify the winning style that also fits your budget. For example, low cost styles can be very effective when based on the already-perfect script. While you may already have a style in mind, perhaps something you've seen on youtube, we can also expand your horizons with alternative choices that may deliver more for less.

    • Style frames

      To get the visuals started, we produce 2-3 art samples (style frames) for you. These are near-finished graphics, helping you visualize in advance the overall look & feel of your technology demonstration. Style frames ensure we're all visually aligned, confident & certain in what we're doing.

    • Illustrated storyboard

      Sometimes called the Book of the Movie, your storyboard shows every scene and screen capture plus video clips in detail, matched off with what is being said. You and your team can see exactly what each scene & feature of your custom animation will look like, in advance. For this we use Boords storyboarding package, which allows you to inspect & check every aspect of your design, prior to animation. It's a superior yet easier way of working.

    • Voiceover

      We offer you a choice of three professional voiceover artists, each reading a sample from your approved script, in the accent, style, mood, gender & ethnicity you choose. This way you get to hear the voice of your company's presentation in advance. It's important to feel totally confident in your choice of voice artist.

    • Editing & animation

      With every aspect of your animated video production now prepared & approved, studio work can start. You take a deserved back seat. If we have questions, you can be sure we'll ask. Everything is produced in Adobe After Effects, the world standard in business motion graphics software. It offers much more compared to standard video editing software, eg, Camtasia and other screencast systems.  

    • Viewings & delivery

      For viewings & approval we use Vimeo Professional which allows you and your colleague to make comments from a shared online preview in an easy & intuitive tap=tap way. This avoids multiple endless email threads where details can get lost. It works like a Chat Box.

      The whole production schedule from viewing a 1st draft to receiving final delivery doesn't take long, because everything's already been carefully planned in advance. The wonderful surprise is how good it looks. Clients tell us things like "I've watched it 30 times and it still looks great!". We finalise the project by delivering different versions of your product demo for your different media channels. We can also help you plan how & where to show it, and then measure its performance over time.


    To increase your Impact, Reach & Return with a first rate production


    We offer revisions

    At every production stage

    So you're certain of a perfect result

    How can low cost video work
    for a software demo presentation?

    Here you can discover more on how to figure out your software demo cost

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