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SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO PRODUCTION Social media video is the heart of multi-channel digital marketing

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    What’s the difference between explainer video and social media video?

    Q: What’s the difference between an explainer video and a social media video?

    A: Explainer videos answer customer’s questions. They’re designed to last - and cost a lot more.

    Social media videos are deliberately shorter - and much cheaper. They’re part of ongoing conversations between you and your customers. They’re a flash of movement in an ocean of lifeless text & images.

    With social media videos you engage fast & frequently. You get noticed.

    How many social media videos do you need?

    Q: How many social media videos do you need?

    A: One per week for 4 weeks.

    This will generate buzz for your email campaigns - boost your blogs - regularly re-engage your followers - on facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin & youtube

    You’ll be wherever your customers hang out. Creating lots of short video content is a challenge. You’ll need to get it right.

    We can help you do it. And make you a trial one for free.

    Why are social media videos so cheap?

    Q: Why are social media videos so cheap?

    A: Because they’re short - and quick to make.

    They’re throwaway - the paper tissues of the video world.

    Google say expensive creativity is less important than regular engaging content.

    Social video is designed to be viewed once - as part of a series. These have to be minimal cost.

    Result: You get to be liked more - for less. We make social video work for you.

    How do you plan a social media video campaign?

    Until you’ve planned multi-video campaigns you may not know how it’s done.

    We do, so we can help. Together we create a series of engaging messages for an email video drive and a blog campaign. Then you boost them all across facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin and youtube.

    Frequent video content will generate the buzz you want

    The result is informed clicks delivered to your doorstep at low cost.

    We’ll show you how this works by delivering your first video as a free trial. Just ask.

    Using video to win low cost clicks to your site

    The holy grail in marketing today is cheap clicks.

    It’s only too easy to pay $5, $10, $20 or even $40 per click to get traffic to your website, and still with no guarantee they’ll buy.

    It’s an expensive business and it gets more expensive every day.

    A low cost social media video campaign is an alternative to the pricey cost-per-click route.

    Let’s look at all the available channels you can use to make it work.

    Using video to win low cost clicks to your site

    What makes social media video unique?

    First and foremost it’s a View-Once-then-Throwaway video.

    People rarely view a social media video twice, though they may well share it.

    It’s quite unlike any other form of business video

    - which may be viewed many times over, for an extended period, by teams of buyers, specifiers & decision makers.

    And it’s unlike a video advert that has to reek perfection for repeated viewing.

    Social media videos are the paper tissues of the video world. Here today, gone tomorrow.

    Second: Social media video needs volume. You need lots of them to sustain continuous engagement.

    So in order to be cost effective, they have to be cheap.

    Bye bye high end web videos.

    The value of social media video lies in the message, the conversation you’re nurturing.

    Energise your social media feeds with regular fresh content

    Where does all the video content come from?

    There are many ways to develop campaign content.

    But 2 things count the most

    1: Message: It must be interesting. It must be something the viewer is passionate about, whether:

    - a burning question answered

    - or new important knowledge gained

    - or an irresistible offer to take up.

    Anything less won’t work.

    Whatever the content it has to engage in an informed yet casual way. It has to be genuine, sincere and honest to do the job.

    2: Speed: If each piece of video content isn’t short, it’ll be abandoned. People pull out of viewing a video faster than you know.

    We recommend an optimal 80 words length, well under a minute.

    Tell one new thing at each point in your social media video campaign.

    It’s the series that counts.




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