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RECENT SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO MARKETING CAMPAIGN EXAMPLES Each of the following videos is a compilation of all the videos in a campaign

Each video was published via email, blog, facebook, instagram, youtube and linkedin

A Radical Video Strategy Campaign

If you don’t have a sensible video strategy you’ll get piecemeal results and sooner or later make mistakes.

This social media video campaign was designed to introduce the concept of having a coherent video strategy.
You can read more detail here: B2B Marketing Video Strategy

This 4 part video series was distributed through every available free social media channel. You can watch it all here as a compilation.

Discover how the message is developed over time, from the initial video right through to the end.

B2B marketing manifesto campaign

This campaign was designed to explain the 4 Golden Principles and 2 Effective Attitudes needed to overcome the setbacks of pandemic/recession and survive in the new digital marketplace.

It comprises 6 short videos, with each explaining a key point from our Video Marketing Manifesto

Each video was published as part of a weekly series, as email, blog, facebook, linkedin, instagram & youtube.

Here you can see the whole series as as a single compilation video.

Business video masterclass campaign

More businesses want to produce video, so we published this 6 part mini-series explaining how our free Business Video Masterclass helps the marketer understand how to produce the most cost-effective video result.

Topics include: Understanding video costs; Figuring out the winning message; Picking the right video style; How to win engagement; Planning for more than one video; Penetrating world markets with video.

The series was distributed through every available free media channel.

Low cost animated video for safety & training campaign

As we discovered from researching our customer enquiries, many safety and training managers are not fully aware of what low cost animated video is, what it can do, and when to use it.

This 6 part series tells all, comparing low cost 2D and 3D animation styles, showing how each has its own strengths.

Particular attention is paid to Site Induction video, one of the most common animated videos found in businesses everywhere.

Social media marketing campaign

Again from researching our own customer enquiries, we discovered that many marketers still have a narrow understanding of social media video, with many not thinking beyond the standard Facebook video ad.

This 8 part series answers many questions including: How to use social media video effectively? How long should it be? What should it say? Why is it different to a website explainer video? What’s the hidden secret value of social media video?

You can watch all 8 parts as a single compilation.




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