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Brand new book from award winner Kevin Rossiter


Kevin Rossiter - Author - Planning a B2B video? I can stop you making mistakes

Dear Colleague

If you’re planning a B2B marketing video in the next 12 months then you should read this book.

It contains all you need to know to develop your first ideas into effective delivery - without mistakes.

But first: Read This Disclaimer

Please be aware that B2B video mistakes are typical, across all size companies, and I’m not guaranteeing you’ll never make a mistake.

But I have the experience of making 1,000 B2B videos over 30 years, resulting in 11 awards, and an impressive client list.

I know the average marketer who collects “how-to” video information will keep on making mistakes and, even with the best guidance, results will vary, depending on your background, video experience, and work ethic.

With that said, let’s dive in and see exactly what you’re getting:

First off, let me tell you this isn’t like anything else you’ve read on B2B video before.

There’s no waffle or filler. Every sentence counts. Expect page after page of battle tested strategies showing you exactly what to do to get your next marketing video perfect, with no mistakes.

And it’s easy to read.

At 85 pages you can read it in an afternoon, and quickly get the idea of how I’ve made success after success for 30 years using my own system.

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting:

1: Knowing what sort of B2B video you need, with a style that floors the competition, and how to find it.

2: Developing your video script & visuals perfectly, so more customers enquire & buy.

3: Getting the best possible video quote, what to say, what to ask, and what to expect.

4: Comparing video quotes to find real value that’ll pay off by winning you bigger deals.

5: Guaranteeing your next video is produced perfectly, the way you want, and not just how you're told.

6: Using innovative technology to control & manage your video company so you get what you asked for.

7: Deploying your finished video on all devices to maximise your return.

8: Winning bigger deals by banishing customer uncertainty and building trust.

9: Winning overseas business, without making embarrassing common mistakes.

Do you think this is a lot? It’s only the beginning.

You get 95 short, concise chapters, each with a golden nugget of information - all in one place.

You’ll not only learn how to avoid B2B marketing video mistakes, you’ll discover how to grow video plans that'll take your organisation to the next level.

And if you've got any doubts about your next video project, this book will give you the end-to-end core know-how you need.

In effect, I’m giving you 30 years of multi-award winning B2B video experience in a single low cost book you can read in an afternoon.

If you’re still curious, here’s why I wrote this book:

All the many marketers I’ve met tell me it’s tough getting a video perfect, one that’s regularly winning fresh new leads & enquiries, especially for the bigger deals.

Only recently a new client told me she felt the previous explainer video she’d produced just wasn’t anything like as good as she’d expected.

She’d started out with such high hopes & confidence, only to end up feeling disappointed with a lot of little things that were hard to pin down, but happened all the same.

Her outcome was a video that was far less effective than she was promised.

What she also discovered was there was still a lot about video she didn’t know, and being an honest person, she knew that many of the cumulative little mistakes were down to her. She should have known better was her conclusion.

I sympathise with her a great deal, which is why I’ve written this book.



Still not sure? Take a look and see exactly what you get for your money:


Part 1: Avoiding B2B video mistakes before you buy

  • Realising your video vision
  • The key points we’ll learn together
  • How much money should you spend on a video
  • Examples of paying too much or too little
  • Beating the 1st cost mistake: Getting the message right
  • Beating the 2nd cost mistake: Getting the video runtime right
  • What about video abandonment rates?
  • Why it pays to calculate video runtime in advance of buying
  • A handy tip for calculating how much filming you might need
  • How writing a draft script first will stop mistakes when you buy
  • What you need to know to draft a trial script
  • Identifying the most effective visual style for your video
    • What if you can't decide a video style
    • How to pick a style for a series of videos
  • Negotiating for a series of videos
  • Summary: Bringing all your preparations together

Part 2: Avoid B2B video mistakes when getting quotations

  • The types of video production company you’ll meet
  • A useful comparison of the 3 main types of video company
  • How to give a proper brief
  • Example: A sample brief for an animated explainer video
  • A word of warning on giving briefs
  • The trade secrets behind video costings revealed
  • What’s in a Day Rate
  • What are typical studio day £ rates
  • How technology is critical to commitment & collaboration
  • What to ask for in a collaborative technology platform
  • How to compare video proposals
  • 12 awkward questions to ask potential video production companies
  • Pre-buy Summary

Part 3 - Avoiding B2B video mistakes during production

  • Graphic: A visual roadmap to your video production
  • 10 precisely detailed steps to making your video production perfect without mistakes

Part 4: Avoiding B2B video mistakes in your future plans

  • What’s in a video strategy
    • Why bother with a B2B video strategy
    • Win bigger deals by resolving uncertainty & promoting trust
    • 4 key elements to your video strategy
    • The 8 promotional videos every strategy needs
    • Estimating costs
    • The biggest cost mistake everyone makes
    • Video strategy summary
  • Avoiding foreign language video mistakes
    • Introduction
    • Why bother with foreignspeak
    • What are your foreignspeak video options
    • What can go wrong, and how do you fix it
    • Getting the right accent
    • What about translating a series of sales videos
    • Foreign language video summary
  • Postword



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