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Employee wellness app

After 10 years, our free Employee Wellness app has just had a long deserved update to include completely redesigned graphics and a bigger better friendlier GUI, as it now runs in HTML5, the multimedia language of websites.

So if you’re new here, then what’s a Wellness app?

The Employee Wellness Programme is an interactive tool all employees can use to test their lifestyle in the areas of Weight, Fitness, Meals & Nutrition, Smoking, Dealing with Stress, Sunbathing, Coping with Shiftwork and Drug Awareness.

To participate, each employee anonymously answers a series of simple questions on the above topics, all of which have a direct bearing on their wellness and wellbeing.

At the end, they’re presented with a map of their wellness, shown as a traffic light system, ie, red for a problem area, amber for concern, and green when that area has no obvious problems.

In this way the individual gets a report on their wellness in 8 major life areas, plus they gain access to the Advice Centre with over 60 advice topics covered, where the individual can learn how to improve their lifestyle and be healthier.

To take part, the whole exercise is free and anonymous, with no secret tricks to win an email address, no record retention, and suchlike. We offer this free to the world to use.

The Wellness App is a no-strings tool for modern businesses to use throughout their workforce to help individuals gain a better understanding of their health & wellbeing, and what to do about it if they want to improve.

And now at Wellness version 3 it looks and feels great to use. Please share & enjoy.

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