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KAB Seating UK have selected Studio Rossiter to produce a promotional video for their new Genesis 1 production line, their innovative, virtually error-proof system for delivering best-in-class, off-road vehicle seats.

KAB Systems produce seats for vehicles like yellow plant onsite, agricultural vehicles, and generally tough environments, where the seat experiences a lot of hard, daily use. For this reason the video message of quality, reliability and safety is critical.

Filming the new production line at Kab’s Northampton site will show automotive buyers how the production line offers a no-fault-forward approach, from initial picking to final inspection.

In the factory we’ll be filming with a variety of specialist camera equipment from motorised glide track to steadicam, jib crane, time lapse cameras, supersoft slomo and more, showing off the new line at its very best. Performance data will be seen as animated graphics and interesting charts. Narration will be by top professional voiceover.

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