The 9 promotional videos every plan needs - part 2


As mentioned in Part 1, these are all ideas to get you going with your own ideas, the main point being that there are lots of video ideas, depending on your proposition & solution.

Feel free to invent a brand new unheard of video. It happens all the time.


7: Trust video

You can’t always produce a case study video because clients won’t agree to be filmed or otherwise endorse you.

In this case, a Trust video might be needed.

A Trust Video is a short video, maybe 60 to 90 seconds, quickly covering why you can be trusted.

For example, your number of clients, your backers & investors or your group, your turnover, your market share, your awards or commendations, your technology & partners, your history & background, your undeniable proofs, and whatever else will make a middle aged, wary CXO trust you more than the other guy.

Show images of “trustworthy” people in this video, and not just graphics.

Use film of people - not cartoons. Make it as real as you can.

Trust is always the basis of business. Without it, deals die, and clients leave.

8: Implementation video

The last stumbling block in any deal can be uncertainty over whether your solution will work as well as you say, and that everyone will come happily on board.

Too many companies overlook implementation, taking it for granted, as secondary to the main sales effort. “Of course it’ll work!” is an attitude I come across.

I’d be cautious about feeling over-confident here.

Customers often look upon implementation as a necessary evil where it can all go wrong, even if they don’t know why. They’re suspicious.

An implementation video is usually a short low cost icon graphic explainer video that shows them all the steps to onboarding your solution, putting their minds at ease, showing that you’re competent & effective at delivering what you promised them, and you have a robust process in place for doing this.

Above all, an Implementation makes them feel comfortable with you, like they know you better.

Whether delivering enterprise software, or a new component that's used in a different way, or a new production approach, it’s good to visually show people what to expect.

Implementation video helps people see that they can do it too. Then they start to trust you more.


9: Marketing automation video

Marketing automation is a must-to-mention as getting site visitors to give you their name & email is big part of business these days, especially as customers are growing ever more wary of giving their details.

But once you’ve got their name, often through gated content, or special offers, they can join your automated nurture sequence, until they’ve scored enough points to become a bona fide lead.

You can use a video to promote a button click to your best most popular gated content, or your special offer, or some other highly desirable piece of information.

I increased name & email uptake by 344% over a 3 week period because of this. It was an impressive result.

You can use video in your sequence of nurturing emails too. It’s nice to receive a good interesting video in email, which you can keep to look at, at your leisure and discover more.

Tactical video in automation keeps you alive in clients’ minds.



To overcome uncertainty and build trust, you’ll probably need to plan for 30-60 minutes of runtime video if you include tutorials, which is a big job for any organisation.

But it’s better to face up to the fact now, than take a piecemeal approach which will take you twice as long to get there, and may well lack overall direction.

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