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9 promotional videos every B2B marketer can use


9 promotional videos is a lot of video to buy, so why invest so much in B2B video marketing in the first place?

Look at the following B2B video marketing statistics and decide for yourself:

- Google say that 70% of B2B researchers watch video during the entire path to purchase.

- Google also say 81% of non C-Suite researchers have a say in purchasing decisions.

- Cisco state video viewing will be 15 times higher in 2022, compared to 2017.

Also consider that B2B researchers are on average 57% of their way through the sales journey before they'll take an action on your site.

B2B customers want informed video that answers their detailed questions, not just generic questions relating to simple awareness of your product, service or solution.

This suggests a B2B video marketing strategy is needed to cover every point in your B2B buyer's journey

- which is obviously a lot more than a single top-of-page promo video.

The overriding benefit is that researchers evaluating your solution will be better informed, through continuous video engagement, along their journey through your marketing funnel.

This can be measured as:

- increased engagement shown as increased time on landing page, number of pages viewed, reduced bounce rate

- increased enquiries or subscriptions, the end goals of your B2B marketing strategy.

You should set these up as goals in your Google Analytics if you haven't done so already.

The real questions B2B marketers ask are:

- What sort of videos do I need?

- How many of them do I need?

Here's a roadmap of the videos you'll need for your winning video marketing campaign

- shown as a list of 9 promotional videos every B2B company can adapt and use in some way

- whether you're producing inhouse or outsourcing to an external marketing video company, or any shade in-between.

They can be produced as animated explainers, filmed or stock footage videos.

Decide this based on the needs of your target audience.

The aim of this list is to get you thinking about the specifics of

- your marketplace & sales cycles,

- your proposition,

- and the speed of your video ROI, ie, will you hit target this quarter?

It'll help you develop your own ideas to eliminate potential customer uncertainty

- building trust at every stage in the sales journey,

- answering every important question your customers have

- differentiating you so they can buy with confidence.

You may not need all the video types below, but you'll definitely need some. And you'll probably think of others too.

This list is a starting point for the b2b business. The b2c marketer needs a different approach.

1: Intro overview video

VIDEO GOAL: To gain the attention of new visitors, make them engage, and promote lead generation or subscriptions

This is the 45 to 90 second home page promo video of your solution and the benefits it delivers.

It can also pull them into one of your marketing automation funnels, such as gated content designed to gather emails.

This video must be short, engaging and actionable for your broad B2B audience.

Where possible, it should be produced so it can be easily adapted to work well on Facebook and social media

- unless you're planning separate social media versions - meaning shorter, captioned, tall or square format, and pitched in a more relating emotional style.

Your Home Page Teaser will win you leads, keep visitors on your site, and make them less likely to bounce.

2: A 2-3 minute deeper dive video

VIDEO GOAL: To engage customer attention enough to get your solution shortlisted

This 2-3 minute Explainer video is your key explanation, that you'll want to show all customers.

It can be as long as it takes to explain your solution effectively.

Customers who are seriously evaluating your solution will watch as much as you can show them, as long as it's relevant to their needs.

If they like what they see, they'll inquire, or otherwise measurably engage with you, like downloading gated material, which enhances your authority and builds trust,

- plus automate the enquiry into your nurture sequence with subsequent emails.

3: Major function and vertical market videos

VIDEO GOAL: To differentiate market by market, function by function, deepening trust and measurable engagement

New solutions often embrace different areas or functions of a client's organisation.

For example, back office managers, like Accounts or Purchasing, may see one part of your solution of particular benefit to them

- while the Salesforce or Marketing Team may see a completely different benefit

- with each management function having their own reasons for selecting your solution in preference to alternatives.

This is common for many business solutions.

A video explaining the detail of each particular function helps here. It directly addresses each manager-type you sell to, rather than broad brushing everyone with the same "generic" message.

The bigger the sale, the more the different areas of your solution will need explaining with separate videos.

These videos can also be used to help automate the sales process, eg, when answering enquiries, a specific-function video becomes a highly effective sales tool.

Vertical markets benefit in the same way.

Produce a dedicated vertical market video version for each vertical that generates significant revenue.

For example, one customer I know sells identical smart products to both rail and construction.

Yet rail and construction don't like seeing a video that's obviously targeted for the other. They just don't. They're much happier seeing their own dedicated vertical market video. This helps them form a better opinion of the supplier who shows them their industry, with their rules and culture, implicit in the video content.

You're seen as the industry specialist.

The advice is to use a different B2B marketing video to show each individual customer or market segment what's-in-it-for-them, to gain the trust you need in order to win.

4: C-level video

VIDEO GOAL: To convince Decision Makers

This is a video dedicated to C-level decision makers particularly if your solution involves risk or disruption.

With many b2b propositions, C-suiters are the people who'll sign off your deal.

You need to explain to each of these CXOs what's in it for them. They need to feel personally comfortable with your proposition, whatever their researchers tell them.

Consider that most C Levels are over 50, an age when they're counting their pension fund, and are looking to back certain winners, not take guessy risks.

So if your solution involves some risk or disruption, you have to try doubly hard to mitigate this risk, usually with a mix of careful explanation and the proactive development of trust.

Use video to sell to the CXO, and make it easier for your Client Champion, your convinced researcher, to persuade them.

Help hit target and increase brand awareness with a C-Suite video version.

5: Differentiator video

VIDEO GOAL: To win the order

What's your Close Ratio? Do you need 4 proposals to win one order? Or 100 visitors to win one subscription?

You need to consider how video can boost your Late Sales Cycle.

To accompany your final tender webcam or presentation, you need to put clear blue water between you and competitors, avoiding situations where the client thinks "You're all the same. I'll buy the cheapest".

The same principle applies to winning subscriptions. It's all about closing.

A Differentiator video is a more hard-hitting sales video that pulls no punches, stating loud & clear why you're different & better, while subtly precluding your competitors with every sentence.

It's also relatively short.

It focuses on what's different about you compared to everybody else.

This is not necessarily a video to post publicly on YouTube, but certainly one to deploy as required.

A Differentiator Video helps people make up their minds by clearly showing them the differences in your late sales cycle.

6: Case study customer stories

VIDEO GOAL: Build trust and win confidence

It's safer to assume no one quite believes what you tell them even if they appear to.

This is where a Case Study video is effective.

Testimonial videos are often be impossibly hard to get from bigger better customers. Their Communications departments just don't allow endorsements.

The Case Study video wins trust as it demonstrates proof of your claims on

- ROI and speed of ROI

- ease of implementation & uptake

- levels of support.

For example, you can show a video compilation of 3 real client projects, and their measured outcomes

- without naming the clients, or showing their brand.

Case study 1 is your main selling solution.

Case Study 2 is a big client project, a simple but nonetheless quite large order that took trust to win.

Case Study 3 is a smarter solution that mightn't be a big market winner, but shows your "clever chops" and market leadership.

Combine them into a single short video showing outcomes as hard numbers wherever possible.

Case studies are like reviews. And customers all love to watch reviews.

Use some imagination to get this customer-story message across.

It's more effective seen as video, compared with offering a pdf to state your claims.

7: Trust video

VIDEO GOAL: Win trust and be seen as the market leader, or future market leader

A Trust Video is a short video, maybe 60 to 90 seconds, quickly covering why you can be trusted.

It's a brief opportunity to talk about you in a measurable way, such as your number of clients, your backers & investors or your group, your turnover, your market share, your awards or commendations, your technology & partners, your history & background, your undeniable proofs, and whatever else will make a middle aged, wary CXO trust you more than the other guy.

Show images of "trustworthy" people in this video, and not just graphics.

Use film of people or stock footage - not cartoons. Make it as real as you can.

Trust is always the basis of business, so say why you can be trusted.

For many firms trust is what B2B marketing is all about.

8: Implementation video

VIDEO GOAL: To move up from shortlist to closed deal won

Whether your proposition is an outright purchase or a subscription, the last stumbling block in any deal can be uncertainty over whether your solution will work as well as you say it will

- and that everyone will come happily on board.

Too many vendors overlook the implementation & installation of a solution, taking it for granted.

"Of course it'll work!" is an attitude I've often come across.

The reality is that many clients look upon implementation as disruptive, where it can all go wrong, or be delayed. They're suspicious, especially if your solution involves a core activity, or has enterprise-scale implications.

An Implementation video is a short low cost icon graphic explainer video, showing the steps to onboarding your solution.

It puts buyers minds at ease, enabling them to quantify what to expect

- plus it shows your competence in delivering what you promised them

- and that there's a robust process in place for doing this.

Above all, an Implementation makes them feel comfortable with you, like they know you better.

It deepens engagement.

Whether delivering

- an enterprise-scale technology platform,

- or a new component that's used in a different way,

- or a new production approach, it's good to visually show people what to expect.

Implementation video helps decision makers see that they can do it too.

They start to trust you more, a primary goal of B2B video marketing when moving from shortlist to closed deal.

9: Marketing automation video

VIDEO GOAL: To win more names for your mailing list and increase brand awareness

A marketing automation video is designed to convince customers to give their details in return for gated content or subscribing to your newsletter.

No one gives their details carelessly any more, with increased awareness of how digital marketing techniques can pester them with unwanted emails. Yet growing your list is crucial to sustaining your B2B brand awareness, promoting offers and launches, as well as promote regular sales or subscriptions.

Use a short video ad to promote the desired button click by explaining what they get in return for parting with their details.

Use video to sell the click.

Make it inhouse and dirt cheap, as part of your B2B content marketing plans. Include it in every blog post and post it on every relevant social media platform.


This 9 Promotional Video List shows opportunities to use video more effectively and measurably.

It'll help overcome B2B buyer uncertainty, build trust, and win customers.

You'll need a video marketing strategy that allows for 30-60 minutes of runtime video, and much more if you include tutorials.

This is a big job for B2B organizations of any size.

It's better dealt with now, compared to taking a piecemeal approach which will take twice as long in the end, and may well lack the benefit of overall direction.

To help formulate your budget you may want a better understanding of demo or software video costs .

As well as developing the main videos on your website, you'll need to align your video plans with your social media strategy. Regular posting of all your videos inc social media videos will further increase your multichannel outreach via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube and especially LinkedIn video.

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