Questions on the brief


A detailed brief looks a bit daunting at first. But it's logical.

Now here are 2 further questions to ask:

1: Were you able to complete most of the brief?

2: If you couldn’t complete all of it, how much additional research & discovery is needed for completion? Hours/days needed?

Answering the above questions will give you an idea of where you are on your journey to specifying an effective marketing video.

Certainly the above brief, or variant of it, is the sort of info you’ll be expected to provide for your video production company.

If you don’t provide this info in advance, then you should expect your producer to ask questions to discover this info.

As you can see, Discovery is a big part of a video production, one that's frequently neglected.

You may well have a trial script you can show them as well. So do this too.

From all this effort, you should get a good quality video proposal & quote that misses nothing, and isn't misunderstood.

It’ll contain the price & specification as well as a creative treatment, and the production details relevant to your work, plus a delivery date, and terms of business.

It’ll have all the info you need, and not just a few video samples with a price and delivery date attached.

Getting the best proposal means giving suppliers a quality brief .

A word of warning on giving briefs

A lot of suppliers are lazy and don’t read briefs properly. I know this for a fact.

Here’s a quick story:

Recently I was looking for a technical web marketing specialist, so I wrote a detailed brief out, explaining what I was looking for.

There was good money involved in this project. It wasn’t a penny job.

Now in advance, I suspected half of them weren’t going to read my brief properly.

I knew they’d just quickly scan it and think they’d read it, when they hadn’t.

People do this a lot these days.

So at the end, as the very last line of my brief, I wrote these words:

If you’ve read this far, please put XYZ at the top of your reply.

And you know what? At least half of them failed to put XYZ at the top of their reply!

This proved conclusively that they didn’t even take the trouble to properly read the brief I’d written.

Obviously this helped me enormously as I could immediately delete the unsuitable responses with no further work required from me.

What easier way is there to sort out the good from the rubbish!

Needless to say, the candidates who put XYZ at the top won my attention, as I knew they were diligent.

And like you, I insist on working with diligent people.

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