Interview video pointers


Videos with interviews, or talking heads, or soundbites need special attention.

Whether filming management, CXO, VIP client, or workforce team members, people are often nervous before interview, even if they don’t say so.

And the higher up the ladder they are, the more concerned they are that they’ll deliver well in the video.

If an interviewee doesn't care for the way they come across in video, they'll secretly blame you, the manager who hired the film crew, thinking you should have provided them with some interview coaching first.

With this in mind, you want to hear your prospective video producer explain how they provide interview coaching,

- and provide advance Guidance Notes for Interviewees, so they know what to expect, what colours to wear, etc.

And you need an experienced director who’s good at bringing out the best in people, coaching them on the spot.

Interview videos need all these things.

You may want a teleprompt so your talking heads can read rather than learn lines.

Ad-libbing on camera should be avoided, as this usually leads to long inconclusive speeches, unless you’re confident that your speaker has a good track record appearing on video. There are many exceptions to this. But in general be careful of ad-libbing.

Aim for 15-25 word soundbites, which are easy to remember, and are more effective for audiences, who can quickly tire of an amateur speaker who may well lack the polish for free speech.

Crisp usable soundbites are what make people look perfect.

I might also add that ad-libbing often makes the video unnecessarily long, for too many reasons to explain here.

You’ll also need to figure out whether it’s best to film onsite, indoors or outdoors

- or in a green screen studio with a dubbed background,

- or even with a portable green screen onsite.

These filmed video interview pointers are something to discuss with your producer.

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