4: Online filmed video storyboarding


If anything goes wrong on a filmed shoot and the video crew need to come back for an extra day shoot, then your costs will suddenly shoot up unexpectedly, and there might be delays on your final video delivery.

So it’s important to get this part absolutely right in advance.

For filmed videos, it’s obviously impossible for the storyboard to show how all the filming locations will look in the final video

- compared to, say, the dead accurate visualisation a digital video storyboard offers.

All the same, the video director can carry out an advance recce of the shooting locations.

And they can take photographs.

If a prior visit isn’t possible - maybe in the interests of keeping costs down - you can supply some quick photographs of the filming location yourself, so your producer or video director has an idea of what your locations look like, and can prepare accordingly.


Here’s an example of how these quick photos might look in a storyboard:

As with the script, an online doc is created for sharing and comment, with detailed descriptions of how the video shots are planned, and possibly a photograph as a visual reminder of what the location looks like.

The tabular columns make things obvious and structured, so you can fairly easily understand what you’re agreeing to.

It makes a storyboard easy to grasp and eliminates doubt.

This sort of filmed part-visual storyboard should be accompanied by:

> A shooting schedule, ie, an indication of the time of day when the shot will take place.

> A list of locations required for filming, such as showroom, warehouse, meeting room, reception atrium, hired studio, etc.

> A list of all cast required, eg, 4 operatives, or a delivery driver, or manager. This helps you plan your shoot ahead, so nothing goes wrong on the Filming Day, which is an expensive item you won’t want to get wrong. Reshoots are a no-no if money is tight.

> A list of all props required, eg, a fork lift truck, full range of products, prepared screenshots, etc

> A list of any graphic materials that are needed, such as your corporate style guidelines, or logo.

When you combine all the above, you’ll have what I like to call an Industry Standard Filmed Storyboard.

It’ll show you:

> What you’re going to get

> What you need to prepare in advance.

Which is exactly what you need from a filmed video storyboard.

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