2: Online illustrated storyboard


There are broadly 2 types of storyboard:

1: Graphic video storyboards like digital explainers, or animated videos

2: Filmed video storyboards intended for filmed videos, or part-filmed video.

I make this distinction between Filmed and Digital, as Filmed Video is fairly easy to visualise in advance, as you already know the locations, and what’s likely to take place there.

For example, a live product demo, a new site shot, a presenter or VIP speaking etc.

All it needs is filming and suitable preparation (more on this in a minute).

With a Digital Explainer video it’s completely different, because everything is the product of someone’s imagination.

It’s not yet a real thing. It’s still a credible illusion made of yet-to-be-imagined pictures.

For example, graphic charts, icons, animated characters, animated presenters, work scenes, library video clips, library artwork, custom artwork, and similar.

None of these are visible in advance. They don’t exist until they’ve been imagined and set down.

This explains why explainer videos can sometimes end in problems, cost overruns, delays, and general hassle. Far more so than filmed videos.

Problems happen because customer and supplier didn’t understand each other, didn’t visually understand what was intended.

This confusion shows itself in these common scenarios occurring late in the production process:

Please change this suite of pictures. My product manager/CEO/salesperson doesn’t like them.”

We don’t like your choice of library footage clips. They’re somehow not us.”

I like the video overall, but it needs quite a few visual changes.”

These situations arise because you, the customer, didn’t have any clear way of seeing what your video company intended.

The result is lots of late changes and delays, and possibly increased costs, especially if artwork or video clips have already been bought and paid for, and now new ones are required.

Or if voiceover needs to be rehired to speak the late changes in a script.

At least once a year I hear from a customer who’s had an argument about money with a previous video producer.

An online detailed illustrated storyboard solves this problem

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