1: Online script


All docs should be online docs, like Google Docs or MS online.

Offline word docs are problem creators.

Nonetheless your IT department may not let you use some of these, This is a fact of life.

Here’s a mild rant on multiple iterations of docs

Your scripts, and any other accompanying docs, such as schedules, cast lists, props lists, image lists, etc, are going to go through multiple iterations

- especially when your team are involved, and senior, technical or internal layers of proofs & approvals are also required.

It’s not uncommon for, say, video scripts to go through 5 iterations, or at least 3 versions.

Offline disk-based docs are very poor at handling these as they proliferate multiple docs, for multiple layers of people, which is confusing.

For example if your script goes through 3 iterations

- and there are 5 people on your Approval Team, then this is potentially 15 docs in total. Aarrgghh!

And your poor video supplier loses track of which version is which, especially when accompanied by dense and lengthy email threads.

And the producer can’t always gauge which people’s comments are the most important, and which may need ignoring, as they’ve never met.

So mistakes can get made, especially late contributions to rush jobs, which can be accidentally missed.

An online doc means a sole single doc is used all the way through.

If you’re not sure about Google Docs, or using online docs, then please take a look at this video. It explains it clearly & quickly.

All it needs is a Gmail account to start.

I accept that not all companies are allowed to use Google Docs. IT don’t allow it.

Maybe a word with IT might help. It’s their job to come up with solutions.

Of course, this very much depends on your company and its IT culture, and their IT contract. You probably know the drill already.

Nonetheless, use online docs when you can.

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