The goal of research


The goal of research is to help you plan & map out your key script messages, so each shines like a gemstone in the customer’s eyes and motivates them to take action.

This is how your video will become effective.

Equally, you need to avoid merely chanting out the usual litany of feature / benefit - smarter, faster, simpler, cheaper.

These things aren’t wrong, but you want to come up with something even more effective.

So what else is there besides feature / benefit?

You need to identify:

> Your customer persona. Who are they, and what motivates them both professionally or personally. How many different customer personae are you dealing with? At least three, and maybe more.

> What irritates your customers? What are their pet peeves? What are their daily issues that bug them?

This is more than knowing how your solution solves their problems.

You need to know what makes them angry or depressed.

These powerful emotional forces can then be harnessed to help you win more.

> How your solution solves their problems

We all know this is basic and obvious. The difference is to relate it to your different persona and their issues & peeves.

> How your competitors solving these problems. Only when you know this can you differentiate your video so the message stands out as more remarkable, more appropriate.

> What is the one-liner that establishes your trust & authority beyond question. A list of accolades, even if you have them, only serves to waste time, and often boring. Surprise customers, and do it quickly, then done & move on.

> What is your Remarkable Proposition?

Everybody needs a short one-liner to describe “why buy from you?”

I call this your Remarkable Proposition.

Only remarkable companies with remarkable propositions stay in business for any length of time.

So if you haven’t already, formally determine your Remarkable Proposition.

Say it aloud and pretend you’re a customer? Does it still cut the ice?

Crafting a Remarkable Proposition can win you more than you know.

> What clear cut action should they take at the end of watching your new video? The more precise, the better the results. The more generalized, the weaker your results will be. Actionable is the keyword here.

If you do all the above, your video will be more effective, as your audience will strongly relate your message, and feel more inclined to do as you ask. You'll stand out more clearly in their minds, generating in them the passion they need to act in your favour.

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