Dead Spots and how to identify them


It’s easy to storyboard most of a video, and most people are full of great ideas as to what to show. Easily 80% is easy.

It’s the remaining 20% of the storyboard, the parts that are harder to visualise, that cause the problems.

And if these problems aren’t recognised and fixed early on, they’ll lead to Dead Spots in the final video, the points where your audience will abandon viewing because of lack of relevance or dullness.

A Dead Spot is a part of your video where the audience lose attention or the thread of the message, complete with all its intense momentum.

A Dead Spot makes them abandon, or yawn, or feel confused, which is the exact opposite of generating bags of passion and motivating audiences to take action.

All videos have Dead Spots in them to a point. It’s just a matter of degree.

Eliminating Dead Spots is the art of “bringing the boring bits to life”.

A dead spot can also be a short section of your video that tries to do too many things at once, and quietly bewilders the audience.

What I do know is that most people don't properly consider Dead Spots, as they're too full of charging ahead with the great, easy ideas.

Big mistake.

For example: Expecting the audience to pay attention to multiple split screens, shown simultaneously.

Or maybe seeing captions that differ widely from the spoken script.

This is like saying that when we talk about Jack, we show captions of Jill.

Dividing audience attention between two things is recipe for disaster, as people don’t multifunction. They only take in one thing at a time.

Another example: Saying things or portraying things that everybody says, or everybody does, like some form of company liturgy.

Audiences can smell these sections in a flash, and turn off, as they know it won’t be exciting or useful to them. It’ll just be posing or boastfulness or cant.

So make sure the storyboard team are paying attention to 100% of the video, and not just visualising 80% of it in a great way, with the remaining 20% looking rather pedestrian and dull, or unimaginative, or just plain filler.

This is where attention to detail really comes in.

It's the sort of thing you'll never see on Fiverr, or any dirt cheap video production. These videos have more dead spots than a zombie movie.

Take care of the troughs, and the peaks will take care of themselves. Nuff said.

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