Choosing Voiceover


This is the voice of your video. So it has to be perfect.

But what is a perfect voiceover? How’s it defined?

It starts when your video producer sends you samples of suitable voiceover artists, according to your specification, eg, male, female, younger, older, busy, relaxed, accent, style, and so on.

If you’re paying top dollar, you can expect the each of your prospective voiceover talent to send you trial paragraphs of your actual approved script.

If you’re on a tight budget then you’ll need to trust your video company voiceover recommendation.

How do you pick a voiceover?

Effective voiceover is a lot more than merely having a very good-sounding voice, or a certain style of voice.

A fine-sounding attractive voice should be a given, a starting point. Nothing more.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the truly great voiceovers of our time, and they all this one thing in common.

They make every single word tell.

And underneath it all is an essential positivity.

This is real artistry, being able to express every word, phrase or nuance in the script in the best, most expressive way.

It’s comparable to playing a violin at the highest level.

Too many voiceovers are initially good-sounding, but ultimately they’re one trick ponies.

It’s all too easy to imagine some of them feeling tetchy right before recording your script, and “putting it on” so their mood doesn’t come through.

You deserve better than this. You want to hear your violin played perfectly.

You don't have to pay especially more for the best voiceover (although you can) .

Any voiceover actor who’s lasted in business for over 5 years as a full timer, ie, no day job, is probably very good.

In fact they’ll probably be perfect. Your video producer should make you feel spoiled for choice.

You'll also need to supply pronunciation of any foreign, trade or difficult/ambiguous words. Or even the name of your company or product in some cases.

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