A true research story


Slight digression to an interesting story about the benefits of research.

I remember a script I wrote for a civil engineering firm bidding on a $50 million dollar Middle East project, obviously a very big contract.

They needed a video for their final presentation, the clincher.

Understanding exactly the company’s offering to their client was complex enough, as it involved tons of infrastructure changes, roads, intersections, citywide drainage and more.

It was like morphing a city into the future.

So I dug deep and learned because I figured if they could write the script themselves, they wouldn’t be asking me.

And naturally I had to go one better, and say better what they wanted to say.

Having looked at the some of the complex technical stuff, I started to research the client’s client, and their country.

By looking around, I discovered things about their culture & civilization that took place over 5,000 years ago.

It made me realise that here was an old people, with a old deep culture.

This made me start to respect them more, and I felt this respect-for-culture needed acknowledging by my client.

It was an unspoken yet strong part of their needs.

Carefully, I found a place in the overall video script where I could mention this old culture, as something to admire.

And I was able to slide this in neatly without exceeding the 400 word script limit.

Well, you might think this was an awful lot of effort just for one ½ line in a sales script.

But we won!

The video was singled out for praise by the awarding client, which made my client very happy, all the more so as producing a corporate video just for one single high value contract was a risk for them.

The client said “The video was the talk of the town!”

I’ve had similar experiences writing scripts for software and technology developers, where I’ve studied, wiki’d, and learned whole industries as well as familiarized myself with their software, and why it’s better.

It’s a passion for discovery. Big enthusiasm.

I might also add that these were just normal paid jobs. No extraordinary fees were involved.

So encourage your video scriptwriter to dig deep. Help them.

Let them learn & simplify for your benefit.

This structured research-based approach is how you get your match-winning video, the video that sets the pace for your industry, and wins you more leads, contacts, and contracts.

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