Part 1 - Planning an effective marketing video

What if you can't decide a video style


Sometimes it’s difficult to choose between video styles.

Often this is because you really like the expensive style, but might have to settle for something cheaper.

For example, you may only be able to afford a simpler infographic style of video, when really you’d prefer a full-blown animated video with multiple characters.

This is where the best video producers can help as advisers.

I always like to think that I advise my customers with their best interests first and foremost, and never mine.

I lose deals occasionally because of this, but I sleep at night.

And I have a passion for my customers in a way that always makes me want to help them.

Ask your producer for options & prices based on your initial ideas.

If the job is complex, a ballpark price will do at this stage, so you can get a reasonable idea of the difference in video style costs

- without requiring the producer to spend ½ day or more researching exact costs for something you’ll never be able to afford.

I won one of my biggest ever German projects because I sketched out a menu of prices & options that helped them a great deal to decide what their choices were

- and the cost implications of those choices. I got trusted.

One last thing: Even if your heart is set on the expensive style you can't afford, don't be spurred into inaction or indecision.

Develop a brilliant message for your video, the killer script of all killer scripts.

This will almost always compensate for lack of budget.

Although I've worked on many pricey projects, I personally I love brilliant cheap short highly-creative videos. They can often outshine the big budget efforts.

And when you win on a tiny budget, the pleasure is all the greater 🙂

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