Part 1 - Planning an effective marketing video

What about video abandonment rates?


We’ve all heard specialists talk about measuring rates of abandonment, inspiring clients to panic if anyone ever quits watching before the end.

This is often supported by a heap of YouTube, Vimeo or whatever data available to back up this abandonment-panic point of view.

So let’s first relax.

While abandonment rates do matter, they’re much more a B2C problem, a consumer video problem, rather than a B2B problem.

This is because B2B and B2C customers watch video for different reasons.

For example, a B2B purchase is generally less frivolous and more deeply considered than a B2C product purchase, which is often a lot cheaper than a B2B purchase, and more likely to be a spur of the moment thing.

A large part of B2C marketing is about catching the moment and encouraging the spontaneous, must-have-it-now purchase, or reinforcing brand awareness, or falling in love with them, or whatever.

It’s easy to abandon these videos as whimsically as you start watching them.

It’s called window shopping.

B2B is generally quite different.

B2B is about realistic, practical business propositions, that deliver profit.

Businesses & organisations buy B2B products & services to run faster, more effectively, and more cheaply.

If a viewer abandons watching a B2B video, I’d suggest it’s because:

> it’s irrelevant to their current needs & plans.

> their phone rang, and they’ll get back to the video later if it promises to be any good.

> Other pressing matters. And they’ll get back. Because they have to if they want to keep ahead.

> Or they abandoned it because your video is flaw-ridden, boring, full of dead spots, waffle, and so on.

Now we understand the critical importance of the relevant message, we can get back to the issue of video runtime and and its huge effect on the price you pay.

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