Part 1 - Planning an effective marketing video

Picking a style for a series of videos


If you want a series of videos, and you may well need this, then you’ll probably need an economical production style.

This will need careful thought as you need to know where compromises have to be made.

For example, you may prefer a video style that costs £1,000 more per video than a lower cost style.

An example of this is an animated video compared to an infographic explainer video (which is usually cheaper).

Another example but with filmed video this time: Do you need the 1 day or the 2 day shoot style? And how much faster can you film for a series of videos?

For a single video, £1,000 might be worth the extra to get the style you want, that’s perfect for you.

But over 6 videos, this adds £6,000 to the cost, which is significant.

You have to think very carefully here as there’s no quick and easy answer to the level of visual style that will work most effectively for you.

The simplest answer is usually to mix and match accordingly, based on the house style of your favoured video producer,

- as their house style is what they’re good at and so they may well be able to deliver cheaper

- or know ways to cut corners without losing quality

- so long as you’re prepared to work more in their way, and less in your way.

It can pay you to be flexible.

And of course all your videos don’t need to cost the same amount.

For example: Home page videos may need you to spend more, to gain more of the initial impact needed to win leads and enquiries (though this isn't always the case)

- while a technical explanation video on an inner page maybe needs you to spend less, as by then you’ll have a more captive audience, more concerned with understanding your detail in a clear manner, rather than being bowled over by video prowess.

In which case, they may have less need to be so impressed by style, so long as the clarity is there. It depends.

Again, looking around your marketplace to see the standard of video helps.

Obviously you want to try to be better than the norm, or at least not be worse.

Also, looking at your own clients’ videos to see what they consider their standard to be.

This will help you understand what’s required of your videos.

Take a look at the Strategy section of this Masterclass if you want to understand more.

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