Part 1 - Planning an effective marketing video

Negotiating price for a series of videos


Asking a video producer for a single quote for one single video, and expecting a 5 off price because you promise to buy more later, will merely raise polite eyebrows, unless they’re quietly desperate for your business.

Let me explain.

While you might think you’re offering the producer a great future opportunity to win a big contract later, most video producers have seen promises like this vaporize for a variety of reasons:

- you later change your mind

- you never complete 5 videos and only ever make 3

- you personally move to another job, and your replacement has completely different ideas

- other factors come into play and affect your client’s video demand.

To get the lowest package price, It’s better to order at least 3 videos on Day 1 to show that you mean what you say.

If you press the producer hard on price for a package, you’ll possibly end up with a very junior freelance editor living 10,000 miles away doing all the work behind the scenes.

This may be fine. Some juniors are very talented & reliable, and maybe your videos aren’t difficult to make.

All this happens because the video company will be looking for ways to produce your video cheaply enough to win your contract.

There are lots of variations on this too, especially if you’re in a hurry, and time-pressure deadlines are a factor.

A fireworks tale

Here’s a quick story-with-a-message that amused me:

I once met a breezy fireworks sales exec, representing a Chinese fireworks company looking to break into Europe.

He smiled as he told me how the big retailers always pressed him hard to lower the price.

Now I know for a fact that major retail buyers are scary people. They don’t generally make you smile.

So I asked him “how come you’re smiling?”

He said that the Chinese always smiled and bowed very politely when asked to lower their price.

And they always came up with a lower cost when buyers requested this.

Nothing was too much trouble for them.

Except that later the buyer found all they did was put less gunpowder in the fireworks!

Video production is a bit like fireworks.

You get what you pay for.

If an effective actionable video is your goal, then you need to ask your producer about who they’ll get to do the work, their name for example, and examples of their previous work.

And will you be allowed to talk to them directly, or will you have to use a go-between? Simple.

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