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Part 1 - Planning an effective marketing video

Making your video vision effective in the marketplace


WHETHER YOU'RE A PROFESSIONAL MARKETING MANAGER, A DEVELOPER, A BUSINESS OWNER, OR A CXO, we all know how tough it is getting your ideas off the ground.

Never more so than when producing a marketing video, as everything you put into it is there for all to see, 100% visible, with no hiding place.

In a powerpoint presentation you can show a bad slide. People will simply click past it quickly, and maybe tell you later, so you can immediately delete or amend it.

The point being that one bad slide doesn't kill off the effectiveness of your overall presentation.

In fact we’ve all made presentations with a mistake in one or more of our slides.

It’s the same with a web page.

You can have boring bits that no one ever reads, or ever wants to read.

But you can probably can get away with it for a while.

And hopefully change it quickly once you notice it’s wrong.

But with a video you stand no chance, as everyone sees it, and they all have to sit through it.

Sit through a mistake, a boring bit, or sit through ineffective waffle.

There’s no fast forward with marketing video either.

The moment the audience is bored or they find your content irrelevant to them and their situation, they switch off and you’re dead.

Seen in this light, video is quite a scary thing to do.

Yet it can also be one of the greatest things you can do

- both personally, professionally, and for your company.

An effective video, or planned sequence of actionable videos, can change your company’s fortunes, and sometimes literally change your life.

You can be the one who produced the video, that's

- bringing in fresh leads

- helping close deals

- winning client trust & confidence

- building up automation funnels that really convert

- winning more likes at social media.

Winning makes you a star - a success by any stretch of the imagination, and richer too.

More clients buy from seeing a video

- by seeing & experiencing something more popular & persuasive than any other medium known to the human race.

So this is your vision, to produce an effective video that’ll rock your industry and win you more leads, more deals, more names, more customers. And make you richer.

More of everything a marketer wants.

Obviously you’ll still need some support materials, presentations, and the web & social media presence to back it up.

And you’ll absolutely need a competitive business product, service or solution that delivers.

All you need now is the perfect video, with no mistakes.

The effective actionable video.

I’d like to help get there.

I can help you get it right, not make mistakes,

- and change your company’s fortunes with a handful of easy to remember rules & suggestions, based on a solid time-proven methodology.

I can help unleash you, and your ideas, your plans, and your dreams.

Because we all dream.

And an effective video is part of making those dreams come true.

So let’s share some time together, share a good feeling, as we chart our way to greater success together

- through effective marketing video with no mistakes.

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