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Part 1 - Planning an effective business video

Identifying the most effective visual style for your video


We’re going to get an idea now of how your video might actually look. Its style.

Here’s one way to start. It’s a simple 5 step process.

1: Before you speak to any producer

- spend some time surfing YouTube (you probably already have).

Also check out your major competitors’ videos. Or your professional body or association's style of video.

Make a shortlist of:

> videos you personally like, a style you approve of, warm to.

> videos that are in your industry or sector

> videos that pitch in a way you think will work for your company or your workforce

> all your major competitor and newcomer competitor videos.

> some video production company websites that catch your attention.

> your clients’ videos, so you get an idea of the standard they normally expect to see.

2: Save your list of urls

- as browser bookmarks in a new bookmarks folder, so they’re easy to refer back to later.

You should have at least a dozen videos on your list.

Don’t worry about likely cost at this point.

You’re still doing your homework.

Cost details can come later.

Now, once you have this list start asking questions, by dividing your list up.

3: Divide your list

- into two like this.

List 1 is videos you like the style of, that you feel are relevant to your business or organisation, that you’ve seen on YouTube, or video production company sites.

List 2 is video styles your competitors or professional associations are using.


Marketers: Match off which videos you like against the video styles your competitors aren’t using.

So if your competitors are all using whizzy animated explainer infographic-looking video, think about using some filmed footage or library footage - or developing animated characters.

If they’re using interviews, then don’t.

If they’re using cartoons, then don’t do that either.

You need to differentiate. Just don’t look the same.

I’d suggest differentiate or die, as so many websites and their videos look more or less the same.

And customers don’t remember non-differentiating videos. Nothing jumps out in their minds.

You’re probably doing this already, but now you’re doing it constructively in video.

By differentiating, a client can easily tell you all apart.

After all, so many websites look the same. And looking different might help explain why you charge differently too

- especially if your market is very price conscious.

Point: Differentiating doesn’t mean you have to be radically different. Just vary things enough to leave a strong visual memory in the customer's mind.


Training & safety professionals: Study videos used in your industry. Look at the styles of video your professional bodies are using.

Consider: Your contractor audience has seen it all before. They're ready to fall asleep as soon as the video goes on. How do you grab their attention? Is it necessary to grab their attention? Perhaps your video is a quasi-legal formality to be endured?

There's no right or wrong here. You have to work it out for yourself, and the needs of your organisation - and the needs of your contractors.

Marketing & Training video products price list


Marketing video prices here

Safety & Training video prices here

Exact prices for all standard runtime videos
Start making accurate plans

4: Go for goal

- by picking a video style that:

> you personally like,

> that fits with your brand style,

> and no one else is quite doing in your industry.

This will make you instantly recognisable to web visitors.

On the other hand, if you really like a competitor video, and feel this is the best style choice for your company, then figure out how to do it better, and do it in different colours, or different in some other way.

Vary the theme in a distinctive way.

Web visitors recognise sites by the style & colour of their headline videos.

It’s part of your ID now.

If you follow the above suggestions, you’ll stand out in a way that is effective.

5: Tell your potential video suppliers

- which styles you like, and show them your example shortlists.

They’ll appreciate this guidance. I always do.

But keep an open mind, as they might just show you something completely different that you love.

Remember - they’re in business because they have lots of ideas too.

For example, they might alert you to the fact that, say, the interview video style you like isn’t so suitable for low cost foreign video translation

- or some other factor you hadn’t spotted.

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