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Part 1 - Planning an effective business video

How writing a draft script first will stop buying mistakes


If you don’t know in advance how long your video is going to be, then you’ll probably make a mistake.

The answer is to know fairly accurately in advance the runtime you need.

To estimate the real runtime you need for your video message, you’ll first need to write a draft script.

It doesn't need to be perfect, as no one need ever see it.

So write one, then count the words, and then you’ll know how long your video needs to be.

Don’t worry if this sounds difficult right now. I’ll show you exactly how in a minute.

Getting back to your script, here’s an example:

A 350 word script is somewhere between 2.6 and 2.8 minutes long.

This is calculated by:

dividing the total word count of your script

by the number of spoken words per minute, usually 125 to 135 words per minute for a marketing video, and 115-125 wpm for training video.

Knowing this, and being able to work it out in advance, is critical as video production companies base much of their costing on runtime.

Your runtime, which you pay for.

Please note: You’re only writing a trial script here for budget estimation purposes.

Later on you’ll be collaborating with a professional B2B marketing or safety video scriptwriter, when you can iron out the perfect script between you.

But with your trial script in hand, you can confidently say to your potential video suppliers.

“I need a 3.5 minute video to explain my ......”

Immediately you’ve solved the following problems that shouldn’t now occur:

Problem 1: You won’t get any surprises mid-production when your budget overshoots because you underestimated the real video runtime.

Problem 2: You won’t get caught out saying “I want a 1 or 2 minute video” because everyone else says you should, only to find out you were wrong. And then pay for it later.

Marketing & Training video products price list


Marketing video prices here

Safety & Training video prices here

Exact prices for all standard runtime videos
Start making accurate plans

Some video companies know you’ll overshoot.

They can see you coming.

They look forward to the extra fees. After all if you overshoot by just a minute, they'll have all those extra images to draw & animate, which you'll have to pay for, as it's a bit late for backing out, half way through production.

So they’ll suggest a competitively low start cost to win the deal, quietly knowing they’ll get more out of you later. Video salespeople's bonus systems often encourage them to think this way, whether they want to or not.

But negatives aside, the real bonus here is knowing the runtime you need

- in advance of production

- and more importantly, in advance of purchase.

This means you can compare video quotes more equally.

So you don’t have one video company saying you need a shorter video, and another saying you need a longer video.

Everyone knows exactly what’s required

- because you’ve written a draft script and worked it out for them in advance.

You may even get a better price because they’ll know you’re sharp.

The better companies will also suggest ways to improve your script.

Conversely, many low end video companies will give you the absolute minimum of script help, mostly because they have no real knowledge of your chosen topic, or their price depends on your delivering the script to them as finished.

The big bonus in having a ready draft script is that you can now focus on the creative visual side of your video, the style of video, or even better,

- the choice of styles you have available to you

- and which is the most effective for your available budget

So how do you work out your preferred choice of style?

We’ll come to this in a minute.

For now let’s go over the easiest, quickest way to draft a trial script.

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