Part 1 - Planning an effective marketing video

How to write an actionable video script


If you want a customer to take action after watching your video there’s a simple way to structure your script.

Start by looking at the info in the analysis you just completed.

Now begin by reminding customers of their Concerns, ie, their pet hates, worries, fears & irritations.

This will win their attention, as you’re relating immediately to what bothers them.

Then connect these customer concerns to your Solution, or Remarkable Proposition.

Write so there’s a direct connection between their concerns and what they get from you.

This approach motivates more people to act and complete an adjacent contact form, or
click a button.

Obviously don’t start telling your company story either.

This won't impress half as much as talking to them about them & their problems and what you can do to solve their problems.

Don’t necessarily tell them how you do it either.

They're far more interested in what they get rather then how it’s done.

Just say enough about your company to establish some sense of authority in what you’re offering.

This approach isn’t a universal rule, as some videos are made specifically to generate greater awareness and understanding rather then generate immediate action.

But generally I’d suggest focusing on what they get and not how you do it.

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