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Part 1 - Planning an effective marketing video


In this section you’ll learn about

Spending the right amount on video to get exactly what you need - nothing more, and nothing less.

Calculating exactly what you need for your video to work

Writing a draft script even if you can’t write that well

Picking the most effective visual style for your video

Negotiating best price for what you want.

Part 1 Contents

Making your video vision effective in the marketplace
The key points we’ll learn together

Before you buy your marketing video
How much money should you spend on a video
Examples of paying too much or too little
Beating the 1st cost mistake: Finding your most effective video message
Beating the 2nd cost mistake: Getting the video runtime right

What about video abandonment rates?

Why it pays to calculate video runtime in advance of buying
A handy tip for calculating how much filming you need

How writing a draft script first will stop buying mistakes
How to draft a trial script
1: Agree the video goal
2: Make a list of what really matters to your customer
How to write an actionable video script
3: How to draft your script more professionally
4: Now halve your script
5: Don’t guess - do a word count and be certain
What you get from a trial script - the deliverables

Identifying the most effective visual style for your video
1: Before you speak to any producer
2: Save your list of urls
3: Divide your list
4: Go for goal
5: Tell your potential video suppliers

What if you can't decide a video style
Picking a style for a series of videos

Negotiating price for a series of videos
A salutary tale
The day rate solution

Summary: Bringing all your preparations together

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